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Day 33: Little Liam Lamb Hat


I’ve been ooogling over pictures of cute baby Liam for days!!! I HAD to design him a hat. I thought the idea of adding lamb ears to a wool hat was perfect for a baby as lovable as Liam!!


Little Liam Lamb hat

Sizes:NEWBORN,0-3, and 3-6 months(pattern in full. Smaller sizes are noted below appropriate rows)

10mm hook & 6.5mm for ears
Super bulky(I used red heart grande in Aran) it’s a wool blend! Baa baaa
Inside of the ear: Red Heart Baby Cloud in cotton candy
Tapestry needle. Upholstery size(yarn is very thick)

Sc-single crochet,
Slst- slip stitch
Hdc- half double crochet
Sctog- sc together

Start with magic circle.
Row1: ch1, 6sc in circle. Join to ch1 with slst
Row2: ch1, 2 sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst.(12sc)
Row3: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next sp. repeat around. Join to ch1 with slst.(18sc)
If making size 0-3 stop here and move on to row 5
Row4: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next 2 sp. repeat around join to ch1 with slst.(24sc)
Rows5-9:(0-3 rows5-11, 3-6 rows5-12)ch1, sc in first sp and each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Row10(11,12)ch1 in FLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Rows11(12,13)-12(13,14) :these rows are worked in continuous rounds. sc around. fasten off and weav.
Row13(14,15) slst in each sp around.

Using 6.5mm hook
Outside of ear

Row1: ch8, Sc in 3rd sp from hook and each sp across(6sc)
Row2: turn, ch1, sc across
Row3:sctog three times.
Inside of ear
Starting with fuzzy yarn,
Row1:Ch6, HDC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across(4hdc)
Row2:Ch2, hdc in each sp across, ch2 and slst in side of row one to form a small loop. Fasten off
Place small fuzzy part on top of the bigger part loop should be on topand sc together evenly around the edges. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To curl ear and attach:
Sew both ears together. Food bottom of ear in half and sew onto hat (see photo) to make the curl of the ear

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365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 22: Pink Princess Preemie hat

This hat is so tiny and cute, And meant for those special bundles of joy who need extra care and warmth at birth. It is also a really good, basic pattern for any beginner who is new to crochet!


5.5 mm hook
Super bulky yarn 12ply
Tapestry needle

Hdc- half double crochet
Ch- chain
BLO- back loop only
Sc- single crochet
Slst- slip stitch

The super bulky yarn makes this hat, sturdy and able to stand on its own, so slipping it on teeny babies head is much safer and easier for unsteady nervous hands 😉


Pink princess preemie hat

1.) Start with magic circle. Hdc 5 in center
2.) Ch2, Hdc 2 in each sp around(10)join to ch2 with slst
3.) Ch2, Hdc 2 in each sp around(20) join to ch2 with slst
4.) Hdc2, hdc in next 3 sp, hdc 2. Repeat around for two rows(30 after two rows)join to ch2 with slst
5.) Hdc in each sp around for 5 rows join to ch2 with slst.
6.) Finish by ch1, sc in BLO of each sp around. Join to ch1, Fasten off. And weave in ends

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365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 8. Don’t Be Jelly. Toddler beanie.

Here is the latest design from RRC!


My son has been begging me for a Green hat. I ended up making it sizable for ages 1-3 years. So it fits his brother too. He even named it himself. He said it looked like a jellyfish. It’s also green. The color of jealousy, which is a very relevant lesson for my three year old, now that his younger brother is almost as fast as he is when getting a toy!!! So we tell him when he gets jealous to “don’t be jelly”. It works half the time. Anyway I hope you enjoy this fun and easy beanie I came up with.


What you will need
5.5mm hook
Tapestry needle for sewing in ends

Dc- double crochet
Hdc- half double. Crochet
Fpdc- front post double crochet
Bpdc- back post double crochet
Magic circle
Slst- slip stitch
Picot- ch3, slst into first ch sp, yarn over and pull up loop. Yarn over and pull through two loops. Skip one sp, Slst into next sp

Begin: Starting w/ magic circle, 5dc in circle
Row1: working in continuous rounds, Dc in each sp sound (10dc)
Row2: 2dc in next sp, Dc, repeat around (15dc)
Row3: 2dc in each sp around (30dc)
Row4: 2 dc in next sp. Dc. Repeat around( 45dc)
Row5: 2dc in next sp. Dc in next three sp. repeat around (55hdc)
Row6: HDc around (55)
Row7: ch2. *fpdc in same sp, bpdc in next sp. Repeat from *around join with slst to ch2
Row8-14 repeat row 7
Row15: ch1. Hdc around. Join to ch1
Row16: picot(see above) in next sp And every other sp Repeat around. Join w/slst to middle of ch3 in first picot. Fasten off and weave in ends.


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365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 3

Bubblegum PomPom Hat by Oliva Kent of HopefulHoney


This FREE pattern can be found HERE

Again, one of my top favorite designers. I have had my eye on this pattern weeks before I finally found the perfect pink yarn! It was on sale. This is also the pattern that convinced me to invest in pom Pom makers. This hat was easy to make. It took me some time to get used to the bulky yarn but that is my fault alone.

The stuffed animal hammock in the background is a free pattern by Stitch11.

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365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 1

1920’s Cloche Hat. Design by Oliva Kent of Hopeful Honey.


The FREE pattern can be found HERE.

I used two strands of Red Heart with love. It was so simple to follow and a great pattern. I can’t help but admit Olivia Kent of Hopeful Honey is one of ,y favorite designers!!!

I need to say a be special hello to my biggest support and number one fan, the wonderful woman I made this hat for, my Nanny.


I love you nanny and the boys say hello nanatoo ❤
We miss you everyday.

Free Pattern

Mongolian Tundra Cowl

Sometimes I just walk by a yarn and inspiration happens! That happened the last time I poked my head in Michaels. They teamed up with my favorite designer Isaac Mizrahi to make a line of yarn!


I went with the heavy duty Sutton inspired yarn. Used s little under four balls of it. Its warm and not scratchy at all! It can be worn several ways too. It’s just time time for the colder season. I literally finished it the day I could start to see my breath outside :/


Mongolian Tundra Cowl.

*4balls Sutton super bulky by Isaac Mizrahi(if unavailable, any wool/acrylic blend will work)
*Hook size N
*Terms used: ch(chain) dc(double crochet) slst(slip stitch) sc(single crochet)

Slst to form circle. Do not twist cord.
Row1: Sc in each sp across. (130 sc) slst to first sc.
Row2: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from *til end. Ending w/
Row3-4Working. Continuous rounds, ch4. Sc in ch 4 so. Repeat around. Use stitch marker to keep place.
Row5: ch1, sc in sc so, 2sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. (130sc) join to king sc.
Row6: ch1. Sc around. (130)
Row7: ch4, skip 2 sp *sc, ch4, skip 2sp. Repeat from * til end. Ending w/ sc
Row 8-9: working in continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row 10: ch1. Sc in sc sp, 2 sc in ch4 sp. repeat around(130)
Row11: ch1. Sc in each sp around(130)
Row 12: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from *around
Row13-14 working continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row15: ch1, sc in sc sp, 2 sc in ch4 sp. repeat around(130)
Row16: ch1, sc around(130)
Row17: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from * around.
Row18-19: working continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp, repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row20: ch1. Sc in sc sp, 2sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Join w/ slst(130)
Slst in each sp around(130). Fasten off. Weave In ends