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Colored Eggs Brimmed Beanie

When I was a little girl, the neighborhood girls and myself would play this game called Colored Eggs. We would all choose a favorite color while one of us would play the wolf. The wolf would ask us one by one if our favorite color was "purple, move on to the next egg with another… Continue reading Colored Eggs Brimmed Beanie

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Fatty Boom Bloom(silk Sari)

I have to ask, have you seen Red Heart Yarns new Boutique Silk Sari?!?!?  It's absolutely gorgeous, and each hank is guaranteed to be different than the last. It's hand spun!! It comes in four varieties. I used "Dazzling"  I was dying to make something with it. The Indian originated Sari fabric/garment has always caught… Continue reading Fatty Boom Bloom(silk Sari)

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Day 50: Amish Inspired Hat

I'm obsessed with the show Amish Mafia. I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a city. Just a short distance from Lancaster where the show takes place. I grew up around Amish culture. A few of my classmates were children of shunned Amish. And our local public high school football games would draw Amish teens in… Continue reading Day 50: Amish Inspired Hat