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Lollipop Lazy Eyes

More goodies from the kind and creative folks over at Red Heart!  I knew I wanted to dabble even more with various textures and yarn outside of Super Saver(my go to favorite for everything).   This time I used Red Hearts Boutique Fur. You can find it HERE

   The color I used is called Azalea. It was fun and flirty and reminded me of girls night in!!  What goes better with a girls night in that a good old sleepover favorite. A sleeping mask! 

  The fur is super  soft and feels great on my face. It is a bit challenging to work with, you need to rely on feel and not sight when using this yarn. It’s so darn soft i didn’t mind doing it that way at all!  Now I’d lure wary of using the fur or you feel it may be too hot this season, I created a summer(beginner) version of this pattern too!             

                      Lollipop lazy eyes:
 Three colors of Red Heart Super Saver
 Red Heart Fur in Azalea

5.5mm hook. 

This pattern uses Single crochet and Half double crochet. 
Winter version:
Using RHSS

Magic circle

10sc in center(10)

1.)Ch1 turn, 2hdc in each sp.(20)
2.)Ch1,turn hdc in each sp around. 

3.)ch1, 5sc, skip next sp, 5sc. Repeat around

                Switch to fur

4.)Slst in skipped sp, slst in sp below 5sc. Repeat around.  

Fluff fur trim*. 
Summer version:

Color A

Magic circle

1.)10sc in center(10)

Color B

2.)Ch1, turn, 2hdc in each sp around

Color A

3.)Ch1, turn, 2hdc, hdc in next sp repeat around

Color B

4.)Ch1, hdc in each sp around 

Color A

5.)Ch1, Turn, 5sc in sp, skip next sp. repeat around. Fasten off
To join eyes, sew together in center with yarn needle. 
Ties: slst into side of eye piece(I positioned mine so that there are two sets of 5sc in between). Ch10, skip two 5sc sp. slst. Fasten off. Repeat on other side. Join to ch10 in center and ch 40. 

Repeat on other side. 


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365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 76

Wide Brimmed Crochet Hat by Grammys Workbasket. 

This FREE pattern can be found HERE

Using. Mostly single crochets this hat is sturdy and perfect for those stiff sunday hats. I always see the most gorgeous hats at The Kingdom Hall I attend. I wanted to be part of the trend!  This hat took me some time, especially with two toddlers :/ it was very easy. I used red heart super saver. This pattern is A good choice for a beginner who wants to make something a bit bigger than a usual hat pattern. 


  I added a crocodile stitch flower for a touch of spring. That free pattern by B Hooked can be found HERE.  100% I am in love with this peice and I will be making more Sunday hats!

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Day 37. Artic Fury Aviator Hat

My oldest son henry has been BEGGING me to make pom poms. He’s obsessed with my pom Pom maker. It’s magic, I know it! 😉 I’ve also been quite homesick seeing all these newscasts calling for snow nationwide. I HAD to design a snowy inspired hat for him with a huge Pom on top of course. Here is what I came up with :).

My Henry looks like such a little explorer! Especially with his freshly rubbed off cat make up XD

Here is how you can make your own Artic Fury Aviator Hat.


Artic fury aviator hat

6.5 mm hook-K hook
Two colors of Red heart super saver. I used royal(color a) and white(color b)
Tapestry needle
Two large buttons

This hat is worked in continuous rounds. Stitch marker is recommended.
Using color A
Row1: Starting it’s magic circle, hdc6 in circle.
Row2: 2dc in each sp around.
Row3: 2dc, dc in next sp. repeat around.
Row4: 2dc, dc in next 2 sp. repeat around.
Row5: 2dc, dc in next 3 sp. repeat around.
Row5: 2dc, dc in next 4 sp. repeat around
Row6: 2dc, dc in next 5 sp. repeat around.
Rows7-15 dc in each sp around.
Fasten off.

Ear flaps:
Using color a
Row1: slst to join. Join to 5th sp from fasten off both ways for both sides. Ch1. Dc in same sp and next 9 sp.
row2: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(8)
Row3: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(7)
Row4: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(6)
Row5: decease dc, dc in remaining sp(5)
Row6: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(4)
Row7: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(3). Fasten off

Brim n Trim
Switch to color b
Turn hat inside out
Using either side(hat is facing frontwards towards you) slst to join in 2nd sp from ear flap join.
Row1: hdc in join, hdc in next 13 sp.
Rows2-7hdc across. Do not fasten off
Trim: sc2 in current corner, so evenly down the side and along the sides of The hat. Continue to sc around until you get to opposite corner of trim start. 3sc in corner. So remaining sp across including 1sc in last corner sp totaling 3sc in corner. Join to 1st sc with slst. Fasten off. Weave In ends.

Ad pom or ties as desired


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365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 33: Little Liam Lamb Hat


I’ve been ooogling over pictures of cute baby Liam for days!!! I HAD to design him a hat. I thought the idea of adding lamb ears to a wool hat was perfect for a baby as lovable as Liam!!


Little Liam Lamb hat

Sizes:NEWBORN,0-3, and 3-6 months(pattern in full. Smaller sizes are noted below appropriate rows)

10mm hook & 6.5mm for ears
Super bulky(I used red heart grande in Aran) it’s a wool blend! Baa baaa
Inside of the ear: Red Heart Baby Cloud in cotton candy
Tapestry needle. Upholstery size(yarn is very thick)

Sc-single crochet,
Slst- slip stitch
Hdc- half double crochet
Sctog- sc together

Start with magic circle.
Row1: ch1, 6sc in circle. Join to ch1 with slst
Row2: ch1, 2 sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst.(12sc)
Row3: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next sp. repeat around. Join to ch1 with slst.(18sc)
If making size 0-3 stop here and move on to row 5
Row4: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next 2 sp. repeat around join to ch1 with slst.(24sc)
Rows5-9:(0-3 rows5-11, 3-6 rows5-12)ch1, sc in first sp and each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Row10(11,12)ch1 in FLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Rows11(12,13)-12(13,14) :these rows are worked in continuous rounds. sc around. fasten off and weav.
Row13(14,15) slst in each sp around.

Using 6.5mm hook
Outside of ear

Row1: ch8, Sc in 3rd sp from hook and each sp across(6sc)
Row2: turn, ch1, sc across
Row3:sctog three times.
Inside of ear
Starting with fuzzy yarn,
Row1:Ch6, HDC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across(4hdc)
Row2:Ch2, hdc in each sp across, ch2 and slst in side of row one to form a small loop. Fasten off
Place small fuzzy part on top of the bigger part loop should be on topand sc together evenly around the edges. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To curl ear and attach:
Sew both ears together. Food bottom of ear in half and sew onto hat (see photo) to make the curl of the ear

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365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 21: Purple Popcorn n Pom earflap Hat

I created this funky hat in the stylings of my Uncle Jud! It’s his favorite color(it can be made in any color) and fits most adult sizes(men and women). It utilizes the popcorn stitch so well it looks like a big poofy, goofy grape bunch!


Purple Popcorn Pom hat

Supplies needed:
Red heart super saver solids
Hook 6.5mm
Tapestry needle
Pom maker or pom making tools

Terms used:
Sc-single crochet,
Slst-slip stitch
Hdc-half double crochet

If you need help with the popcorn stitch, you can view The Crochet crowd’s video tutorial HERE.
Starting with magic circle, ch2 popcorn 8 in circle. Join w/ slst to first popcorn
Row1: working in continuous rounds, 2 popcorn in each sp around
Row2: 2popcorn, popcorn in next sp, repeat around
Row3: 2popcorn, popcorn in next 2 sp, repeat around
Row4: 2popcorn, popcorn in next 3 sp, repeat around
Rows5-10: popcorn around
Fasten off and weave in ends.

Attach yarn to the 6th stitch from join. Six stitches from both sides of join for ear flaps. (You will notice that the ear flaps decrease themselves.)
Popcorn in next 7sp.
Popcorn in next 6 sp(you will be drawing the loop for the popcorn from behind)
Popcorn in next5
Popcorn in next 4(loop from behind.)
Popcorn in next 3
Popcorn in next 2. Fasten off.
Repeat for other side.

Join color B.
Hdc evenly around, put 2 HDC in tip of each earflap
Sc evenly around. Put 2sc in each double hdc sp. Fasten off.

Straps: cut six strips for each side(total twelve) about 24inches in length. Braid and sew on as desired. I just looped mine on.

I use a pom Pom maker for the pom but a cd or any hollowed out circle will work 🙂


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365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 12. Brett’s Skull Bag


My children’s godfather and a personal bestie of mine since third grade, requested a slouchy in his favorite colors. Extra slouchy of course. LoVe you Shelbird ❤ Here is what me and him came up with! Brett's skull bag. It's made in twenty rows or less!!!!!!


What you will need.
2colors Red heart super saver(see link below for softening instructions)
6.00mm hook
Tapestry needle

Row1: Starting with color a(Orange) ch9, hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch so,across(7hdc).
Row2: ch2 turn, in BLO, HDC across(7hdc)
Repeat row2 until desired length. The size pictured is men’s,so my band measures about 30 inches. This is on the larger size. Women’s and teens are about 22inches.
Join both sides with Sc in each sp(you will be drawing up the yarn through two hdc spaces at once.

Top of hat(slouch):
Row1: Working in top part of band(opposite of the side that rests in your forehead)
Ch2 hdc around(estimated depending on size of band made (55sc))
Row2: switch to color b, ch3, dc in same space, *2 dc in next sp, dc in next 6 sp. repeat around(64)
Row3-5:Switch to color a, ch2, hdc around (64)
Row6-7: switch to color b, ch3, dc around(64)
Rows8-9: switch to color a, ch2, hdc around(64)
Rows10-12: switch to color b, ch3, dc around(64)
Row 13: switch to color a, ch2, hdc around(64)
Rows 14-15: switch to color b, ch3, dc around(64)
And now to decrease 🙂
Row16: ch3, dc, *decrease dc, dc in next 5 sp repeat from* around.
Row17: ch3, dc , *decrease dc, dc in next 4 sp. repeat from* around.
Row18: ch3, dc, *decrease dc, dc in next 3 sp. repeat from * around.
Row19: ch3, dc, *decrease dc, dc in next 2 sp. repeat from* around.
Row20: ch3, dc, * decrease dc, dc in next sp, repeat from* around.
Decrease until closed. Fasten off and weave in ends.


P.S. Stay tuned for the “scarfie” pattern. Psst it’s going to be FREE 😉

Skein softening tutorial:

Red heart has always been my favorite. It’s so versatile and it has so many colors to chose from. It is perfect for kids and babies because of its ability to be infinitely washed over and over as well as its amazing durability. It’s no lie that it’s not softest yarn, But there is hope! Check out this awesome yarn softening tutorial HERE by A Girl And Her Needle. You don’t even have to undo the skein to do it!!!! Did I mention you don’t need to make a project to soften the yarn!?!?!?!?!!

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