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Perfect Purple Slouchy Hat by The Hippy Hooker.


The FREE pattern can be found here.

I know it’s not purple 😦 but it’s just as perfect. I used Isaac Mizrahi’s new yarn!! It came out in no time. I’m so addicted to bulky yarn now it’s insane!! This was another on the fly project I made. I needed a black and shimmery hat for a mini road trip :). Took me about a half hour to make with a baby in my lap sleeping! I am going to make another soon. Probably purple this time XD

Check out day 25 HERE.



Not sure if I’m starting a thing, or just used the title because it’s cute. This is a how to repair a vintage granny square project. Anyway, I come from a long line of crocheters. My mother made this lapghan when she was a teen.


She brought it with her because she noticed the stitches holding the granny squares she used to make it together, we’re unraveling. I grabbed. my tools and got to work. I even got to use some of her mother’s(my grandma) as well as her grandma’s(my great grandma) hooks and needles to repair it.

What I used was:
red heart super saver solids black.
A tapestry needle.
A yarn needle works just as well! Manicure scissors. (My go to scissors for any crochet project).

I started by securing the old loose thread by tying it into a knot twice then snipping the left over piece off. I position the needle and thread in a diagonal posing in the BACK LOOPS only and used a zig zag mood. See picture*


When I finished repairing the hole/stitch I pulled up a loop with my thread and pulled the needle and thread through the loop. See picture *


I really doubt it’s the same yarn used originally that I used today but I think k it looks pretty close ;).


Pattern reviews · Roundup

Family fun!

I managed to make costumes for all four of us! All the items I made are free patterns and can be found linked below!

My son simon is a silly cabbage patch boy!


Cabbage patch boy beanie- http://dearestdebi.com/crochet-cabbage-patch-kid-newborn-boy-beanie

My oldest son Henry is a wicked wizard! Or as he says, “I’m a boy witch”


Detachable Viking beard- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/viking-or-dwarven-beard

Wizard hat- http://stitch11.com/wicked-wizard-witches-hat/

My husband Peter makes one studly sailor 😉


Men’s toboggan hat- http://stitch11.com/a-tobbogan-for-men-with-optional-beard/

Detachable beard- http://www.bustingstitches.com/2012/06/what-what-detachable-beard.html

I dressed up as a woodland fox!


Woodland crown- http://raisinggrobertsonsfarts.com/2014/09/06/deer-daisy-woodland-crown/

WIG- http://poshpoochdesignsdogclothes.blogspot.com/2014/07/fun-wig-free-crochet-pattern.html

Fox tail – http://stitch11.com/fox-tail-free-tutorial-review/

Free Pattern

Black and White and Red all over

I made and oops. A big oops. Not only did I not read over and check a certain pattern, (Charmy’s Super Charged) but I was so off, I had to reformat and re gauge the entire thing. I am new at this. It was bound to happen. I fixed it. So here it is.

Charmy’s Supercharged Slippers
Red heart

*Updated gauge size*
5.5mm hook size 7-9.
6.5 MM hook size 10/11
For my husbands feet I use a 8.0 hook (estimated men’s size)
* note where changes are made.
Start with magic circle.
1.) 10dc in center of ring. Join w/SlSt
*2.) Ch2(counts as 1st dc), dc in same sp. *dc in next sp, 2dc repeat from* til end. Join to ch2(15dc)
*3.) Ch2, dc in same sp. *dc in next 5 sp, 2dc.repeat from* til end. (Ending with dc in last 2 sp. 18dc)
*4.) Ch2, dc in same sp. *dc in next 2 sp, 2dc. Repeat from* til end. Ending with dc in last 2 sp(24dc).
5.) Ch2, dc in each sp across. Join
Switch color
6.) Ch1, *sc in next 3 sp, sc in dc sp one row directly below. Repeat from * til end. Join
Switch color
7.) Ch2, dc in each sp across for next 5 rows
Switch colo
8.) ch1, *sc in next 3, sc in dc sp one row directly below. Repeat from * til end. Join.
Switch color
9.)Ch1, dc In next 25 sp( or more depending on comfort level and foot width). Turn.
Repeat for next 4 rows.
Switch color
14.) ch1, *sc in next 3, sc in dc sp in row directly below. Repeat from* til end. Ending with 3 sc.
Switch color
14.) ch2, dc in each sp across til end. Join with slst
15.) repeat row 14 for next 4 rows.
16.) ch1, sc in next 3 sp, sc in dc sp directly below. Repeat from * til end. Slst to join

To finish, turn slipper inside out. Fold heel flap together and sc toe flaps together in the sc sp’s. Turn right side out.

Edging. Starting where the front of the slipper starts (working in left side from right to left). Ch1, *dc in next 5 sp along the side, sc , repeat from * til reach heel stripe. Sc in next 3 sp. *Dc in next 5, sc, repeat from * util you reach opposite side of the front of the slipper. Slst til end. Join w/ Slst in ch1 sp. fasten off.

Next time I plan on paying more attention as well as maybe seeking out some testers. If you are interested In being a volunteer tester For pre released patterns, please contact me HERE.

Free Pattern

Open face iPad cozy

Here is part one of my two part free pattern set! The theme is tech products we can’t live without!!! I’ve been on the hunt for a free open faced iPad pattern. I couldn’t find a single one. So I made one :). I hope it is easy to follow. I made it in less than an hour. It does require mild assembly(Slst and sewing lense/button holes)

iPad cozy(assembly required)

What you will need:
I used three colors of red heart super saver. I felt it was easier to show the assembly if I used multiple colors.
6.0 mm hook (for iPads with protective backing)
5.5 mm hook (for naked iPad)
Yarn needle
Double crochet-dc
Slip stitch-Slst

Make two:
In 3rd ch from hook, dc
Dc across 2dc in last sp.(15dc)
Do not turn, dc in sp opposite of last 2dc.
1dc in each sp across. 2dc in last sp. Slst to 1st dc. (30dc total)
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc,
Ch2, 1dc around. Slst in 1st dc, Fasten off

Slst to join in new strand. Dc in 2nd dc sp from right(see photo for troubleshooting)
dc one in next 21. Ch1 turn
Repeat that row 10x


With other piece, Slst the top to the 2nd ch sp on the left. Slt st across. Fasten off. It may appear small at first, but it needs to fit snugly so it is able to functional a cover not just a decoration.


For the camera hole(can be done for front camera hole as well as power button) I just used a yarn needle and sewed one row length along the circumference of the lense(button)