Fatty Boom Bloom(silk Sari)

I have to ask, have you seen Red Heart Yarns new Boutique Silk Sari?!?!? It's absolutely gorgeous, and each hank is guaranteed to be different than the last. It's hand spun!! It comes in four varieties. I used "Dazzling" I was dying to make something with it. The Indian originated Sari fabric/garment has always caught... Continue Reading →

Day 75

The Everly Head Wrap design by Mamachee. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. Im sure it's safe to say that by now, I LOVE head wraps. Crocheted ones that is!!!  I couldn't resist making the one the second I saw it pop up on my facebook feed. I was right to do so. It took... Continue Reading →

Day 73 Kaylen Kamo Hunters Cap

A lot of my family in Florida hunt. It's why I used the camo of course. So I knew Kaylen needed a hunter/trapper hat!  It's Hat three in the Kaylen Kamo series!Kaylen Kamo Hunters Hat Toddler size6.5 mm hook-K hookBrown- Red heart super saver.(color a) Camo-craft smart value.(color b)Tapestry needleThis hat is worked in continuous rounds.  Stitch... Continue Reading →

Day 72 Kaylen Kamo Beanie

It's been National Crochet Month this month. I have neglected to say so :(.   In celebration of Nat Cro Mo, I was interviewed by The Underground Crafter!  Please check out this fun interview HERE.  PSSSST, It includes links to FREE  patterns!    Speaking of FREE patterns. . . Every little boy needs a beanie!!  Here... Continue Reading →

Day 71 Kaylen Kamo Trucker Cap

I absolutely love how my cousins in Florida have a baby boy named Kaylen who is the same age as my son Simon.   They look alike but are so very different. I love watching them grow and change into their little personalities.  I knew I had to make Kaylen some hats to reflect his... Continue Reading →

Day 70

Basic Beanie design by Bob Wilson 123. This pattern was a video tutorial that I found HERE. This hat, made three years ago, was the very first thing I have ever crocheted. I'm serious. My parents were in town and my mom found it while sorting old baby clothes with me. I couldn't believe we found... Continue Reading →

Day 69

Boutique bow design by Stitch11. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I originally made this bow to accent a pattern I had written. Top Hat For Her. It was so fun and easy to make I made a few more for myself and my friends!!!!  I love how it has minimal sewing required. It just... Continue Reading →

Day 68: Head Wrap Tutorial

My parents have been in town. I've been wearing my hair up a lot along our travels. It's much easier to do it that way. I stumbled on a tutorial on YouTube by Estare Live on how to use a head wrap. Vintage style!  Here is how it looks!!  The video tutorial can be found... Continue Reading →

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