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Twilight Mermaid Crown

The wonderful folks over at Red Heart sent me some yarn in the mail to review!  As soon as it came to my door my head flooded with ideas!  My go to yarn is always their worsted weight brands, but this time I was determined to branch out and try new things! This gorgeous Red Heart Boutique Twilight in Jaded stuck out to me right away! 

 I loved it. It reminded me of Mermaids and the Sea Punk scene so I had to dabble with it!  I came up with this mermaid themed crown!               The yarn worked up great. Fast and easy since it is a bulky weight yarn.  I used the color Jaded. You can find it along with other varying colors of this yarn HERE.   It is very soft to the touch and I am living for the extra zazzy flecks of the sparkle strand in the yarn!  I can’t get over how soft this yarn is!  It didn’t fray either which surprised me since it seems to be in sort of a tube like shape. What a pleasant surprise.  Now you know I had to share how I made this cool colored crown, so I turned it into a free pattern below.   

10mm hook

Yarn-Red Heart Boutique Twilight


  Sc-single crochet

  Dc-double crochet

  Hdc-half double crochet

  Tc-triple crochet(y/o 2x)

  Qc-quadruple crochet(y/o 3x)
Twilight Mermaid Crown


join with slst to form ring. Careful not to twist chain. 

Row1.) slst in next 15sp, 

In same sp SC, hdc,dc,ch2 dc, hdc, SC. 

 Slst in next 3 sp, in same sp: sc, hdc, dc, tc qc  ch2 qc tc DC, hdc, sc, 

Slst in next 3 sp. in same sp sc , hdc, dc, ch2, dc, hdc, sc.  

Slst til end of row. 


Slst in next 15(same. Sp as row 1), slst. In each sp until you reach first ch2 sp in first point.  slst ch2 slst in ch2 sp, slst to next ch2 sp, slst ch2 slst in ch2 sp, slst until lastCh2 sp, slst ch2 slst in ch2 sp, slst until end. Join,fasten off and weave in ends.   

Pattern reviews

Little boy themed pattern review. 

So many baby boys in my family back home in Pennsylvania. I had to make more hats for little Liam back home.  I decided to go with my favorite color combo for boys to make him a few hats to grow into. 

The owl design is called Oh Boy Oh Boy Owl and is designed by Cre8tion Crochet.  This free pattern can be found HERE

   I love how it worked up. The ears bend on their own, the eyes just make his owl face light right up.  I had no issues working this hat up and I love how the instructions included how to carry out the color changes. 

 The Beret hat to the right you have seen before!  

It’s a Posh Pooch design!  Called Strawberry Shortcake Beret. (For Christmas).  This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

     I knew the same three cute boy colors would be perfect for this hat.  I made it for a toddler so that Liam can wear it once he outgrows his Owl hat.   The review for this hat can be found HERE

Free Pattern

Mongolian Tundra Cowl

Sometimes I just walk by a yarn and inspiration happens! That happened the last time I poked my head in Michaels. They teamed up with my favorite designer Isaac Mizrahi to make a line of yarn!


I went with the heavy duty Sutton inspired yarn. Used s little under four balls of it. Its warm and not scratchy at all! It can be worn several ways too. It’s just time time for the colder season. I literally finished it the day I could start to see my breath outside :/


Mongolian Tundra Cowl.

*4balls Sutton super bulky by Isaac Mizrahi(if unavailable, any wool/acrylic blend will work)
*Hook size N
*Terms used: ch(chain) dc(double crochet) slst(slip stitch) sc(single crochet)

Slst to form circle. Do not twist cord.
Row1: Sc in each sp across. (130 sc) slst to first sc.
Row2: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from *til end. Ending w/
Row3-4Working. Continuous rounds, ch4. Sc in ch 4 so. Repeat around. Use stitch marker to keep place.
Row5: ch1, sc in sc so, 2sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. (130sc) join to king sc.
Row6: ch1. Sc around. (130)
Row7: ch4, skip 2 sp *sc, ch4, skip 2sp. Repeat from * til end. Ending w/ sc
Row 8-9: working in continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row 10: ch1. Sc in sc sp, 2 sc in ch4 sp. repeat around(130)
Row11: ch1. Sc in each sp around(130)
Row 12: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from *around
Row13-14 working continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row15: ch1, sc in sc sp, 2 sc in ch4 sp. repeat around(130)
Row16: ch1, sc around(130)
Row17: ch4, skip 2 sp, *sc, ch4, skip 2 sp. repeat from * around.
Row18-19: working continuous rounds, ch4, sc in ch4 sp, repeat around. Use stitch marker.
Row20: ch1. Sc in sc sp, 2sc in ch4 sp. repeat around. Join w/ slst(130)
Slst in each sp around(130). Fasten off. Weave In ends


Pattern reviews

Swiss Cheesey Quick and Easy Cowl pattern review

My mom and dad are visiting me from out of state. I knew I had to make some welcome gifts. My mom is a fan of cowls. Using our favorite colors combined. Hers being purple, I made this awesome cowl from Snappy Tots designs!


I was limited on time and needed one that was fashionable yet quick to work up. Snappy Tots had the answer! The Swiss Cheesey Super Easy Cowl is the perfect cowl and it works up very quickly! The FREE pattern can be found HERE.


It was a very easy pattern to follow and I can’t stress enough how quick it was to make. In my opinion it makes a great stash buster too. I’m already hunting down mismatched balls of yarn in my stash for the next one 🙂

Pattern reviews

Simple Double Crochet Hat pattern review.

Another hat for picture day! Which is this coming Saturday. Eeep! My husband needed a hat. He wanted something subtle and solid. I knew I needed something double crochet. Oombawka Designs has the perfect pattern and it comes in all sizes. I seriously mean ALL sizes.


I made an adult medium size for my husband.


The FREE pattern can be found HERE by Oombawka Designs!

I liked how it turned out so much that I made two more for my sons. One in toddler size. And another teeny 6 months one for the baby!


Pattern reviews

Granny slouch Beanie (child size) Pattern review

Part two of the hat parade it seems. I needed a child size hat for my oldest son to wear. He is a spunky active little kid who loves board shorts and skate shoes. So I knew a slouchy beanie was the way to go for my little dude. Stitch11 has a great free pattern. The granny Slouch Beanie. I made the child size.


The FREE pattern can be found HERE.


The cool thing about this pattern is that is comes in almost every size! I am definitely going to make myself one and a toddler size one in green for when my youngest son is old enough.