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Day 15: Happy Henry Hat

I made this years ago when my oldest son Henry was 18 months old. I had only been crocheting for a few months at this point. He’s three years old now. I finally decided to write it down :). It’s literally the easiest pattern to use for a beginner.


5.5mm hook

Red heart super saver with love.

Sc-single crochet
Slst- slip stitch

Color A:
Ch 65. Join with slst. Do not twist
Row1. Ch1 Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each sp around.
Rows2-5 ch 1. Sc around
Color B:
Rows6-10. Ch1, sc around. Join with slst
Color A:
Rows11-15. Ch1, sc around. Join with slst
Color B:
Rows16-20. Ch1, sc around join with slst
Color A:
Rows 21-25. Ch1, sc around. Join with slst
Color B:
Rows 26-27. Ch1, sc around join with slst
Row28. Slst in each sp around. Join with slst Fasten off and weave in ends.

To finish:

Turn inside out, Fold in half and sew the top part together (opposite side of row28). I sewed the middle of the top a few rows below so it would divet In and make the pom poms sag better. (See photo below)
Turn right side out
Attach Pom poms to corners of hat.


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365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 4

Sweet Ella Vallentine. Pattern courtesy of Stitch11.


The FREE pattern can be found HERE
Honestly, my favorite hat so far and just in time for my new pom Pom maker! I knew the second I saw this I would be making it. I used Bernat decorative yarn. I used my sense of touch quite a bit to figure out where my stitching was because the yarn is so fluffy. Other than that, piece of cake. Now if I could get my kids to stop fighting over it!!!

I ran out of blue yarn to make the heart appliqués. Please see stitch11 for more details/link to heart appliqué.

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