Pattern reviews

Sweetie Pie Bow Headband pattern review. 

Oversized bow:  check!

Vintage style: check!

Designed by one of my favorite designers: check!
How could I not make this adorable headband. The Sweetie Pie Bow Headband designed by Hopeful Honey. 

This Free pattern can be found HERE

I not only love this design, but it also taught me a whole new way to crochet!!  It’s called Tunisian Crochet and is a form of crochet and knitting combined!  I love how it looks like knit but works up quickly like crochet!  Don’t know how to to Tunisian?  Hopeful Honey Included a video tutorial on how to do it! I really liked this pattern. It worked up fast and was easy to learn. I’m a beginner with Tunisia and she made it very easy to figure out and accomplish!  

   I won’t lie, I have probably worn this headband everyday since I’ve made it!(don’t worry I washed it.  Don’t be gross! Haha)


Garland Sun Hat pattern review. 

Summer is here!!!  What a better way to kick off the summer with a sun hat to keep those harmful rays away!!!  During my 365 hat challenge that I obviously failed at(maybe after my kids are grown), I came across lots of hats I wanted to make. I finally had a chance to make one I’ve been dying to make for sooooo long!  The Garland Sunhat!  Designed by Ana Silva of CPCreations.   

You can find this pattern for $2.50 HERE in Ana’s ravelry store.  

For a mom with two rowdy kids, I surprisingly made this hat quite fast. The pattern was very easy to read and follow and is a favorite already. The one pictured is for my Mum. I’m already stating one for myself. I honestly wish I had found this pattern sooner because it is a good hat to make if your a competent beginner.  I used regular worsted weight in Red Hearts Super Saver Solids. 

Pattern reviews

Crochet Slippers Pattern Review

Crochet Slippers Pattern design by Look at What I Made.   
This FREE pattern can be found HERE.  

I honestly can’t count how many pairs of slippers I have made in the past. . .  I knew I wanted a more lacy girly looking slipper to fill my slipper obsession void. I stumbled on these gorgeous ones on Facebook!  It took me an afternoon to make so I was able to whip them up and wear them so soon!  The pattern is very easy to follow and the way it works up into the slipper shape is really cool to watch as you work along.  The lacy look also makes them perfect for spring/summer. 

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 78

1920’s Lacy Headband design by Hopeful Honey. 

  This FREE pattern can be found HERE

I LIED, I’m still obsessed with vintage patterns!  I knew exactly where to find my next one too. My go to gal from Hopeful Honey!  This took me a half hour to work up. Waiting room status!  I love how the stiches work up into such a pretty lacy look. I used a larger thicker weight of yarn so I had to check my gauge and ended up using a 4.0 mm hook instead. It worked perfectly. Her designs are so lovely and very easy to follow. 

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 76

Wide Brimmed Crochet Hat by Grammys Workbasket. 

This FREE pattern can be found HERE

Using. Mostly single crochets this hat is sturdy and perfect for those stiff sunday hats. I always see the most gorgeous hats at The Kingdom Hall I attend. I wanted to be part of the trend!  This hat took me some time, especially with two toddlers :/ it was very easy. I used red heart super saver. This pattern is A good choice for a beginner who wants to make something a bit bigger than a usual hat pattern. 


  I added a crocodile stitch flower for a touch of spring. That free pattern by B Hooked can be found HERE.  100% I am in love with this peice and I will be making more Sunday hats!

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 75

The Everly Head Wrap design by Mamachee

This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

Im sure it’s safe to say that by now, I LOVE head wraps. Crocheted ones that is!!!  I couldn’t resist making the one the second I saw it pop up on my facebook feed. I was right to do so. It took me maybe fifteen minutes total. It’s a great project for begIners too. Amazingly easy to follow and work up. I literally have no complaints 💜 I need to make one in every color. Brb tee hee. 


Day 70

Basic Beanie design by Bob Wilson 123. 

This pattern was a video tutorial that I found HERE. 

This hat, made three years ago, was the very first thing I have ever crocheted. I’m serious. My parents were in town and my mom found it while sorting old baby clothes with me. I couldn’t believe we found it. I was also stunned by how critical i was of myself when I made it. I hated it and thought I didn’t terrible job. It’s not so bad after all. It took me my first try to make it so the video was very easy to follow. I can’t stress enough how good this pattern is. This was my first project and I understood every part of it. I made the mistake of using a fluffy yarn. I relied a lot on my sense of touch to measurement progress.