Sweetie Pie Bow Headband pattern review. 

Oversized bow:  check! Vintage style: check! Designed by one of my favorite designers: check! How could I not make this adorable headband. The Sweetie Pie Bow Headband designed by Hopeful Honey.    This Free pattern can be found HERE.  I not only love this design, but it also taught me a whole new way to... Continue Reading →

Garland Sun Hat pattern review. 

Summer is here!!!  What a better way to kick off the summer with a sun hat to keep those harmful rays away!!!  During my 365 hat challenge that I obviously failed at(maybe after my kids are grown), I came across lots of hats I wanted to make. I finally had a chance to make one... Continue Reading →

Crochet Slippers Pattern Review

Crochet Slippers Pattern design by Look at What I Made.      This FREE pattern can be found HERE.   I honestly can't count how many pairs of slippers I have made in the past. . .  I knew I wanted a more lacy girly looking slipper to fill my slipper obsession void. I stumbled... Continue Reading →

Day 78

1920's Lacy Headband design by Hopeful Honey.   This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I LIED, I'm still obsessed with vintage patterns!  I knew exactly where to find my next one too. My go to gal from Hopeful Honey!  This took me a half hour to work up. Waiting room status!  I love how the stiches work... Continue Reading →

Day 76

Wide Brimmed Crochet Hat by Grammys Workbasket. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. Using. Mostly single crochets this hat is sturdy and perfect for those stiff sunday hats. I always see the most gorgeous hats at The Kingdom Hall I attend. I wanted to be part of the trend!  This hat took me some time,... Continue Reading →

Day 75

The Everly Head Wrap design by Mamachee. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. Im sure it's safe to say that by now, I LOVE head wraps. Crocheted ones that is!!!  I couldn't resist making the one the second I saw it pop up on my facebook feed. I was right to do so. It took... Continue Reading →

Day 70

Basic Beanie design by Bob Wilson 123. This pattern was a video tutorial that I found HERE. This hat, made three years ago, was the very first thing I have ever crocheted. I'm serious. My parents were in town and my mom found it while sorting old baby clothes with me. I couldn't believe we found... Continue Reading →

Day 69

Boutique bow design by Stitch11. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I originally made this bow to accent a pattern I had written. Top Hat For Her. It was so fun and easy to make I made a few more for myself and my friends!!!!  I love how it has minimal sewing required. It just... Continue Reading →

Day 67

Deer Daisy Woodland Crown design by Raising Robertsons. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I designed this a while ago when it was spring. I was feeling so homesick for my mothers garden daisies and the Pennsylvania deer. They are in town visiting this week so I felt it appropriate to share my design!  

Day 66

Turban for Miss Happy design by Stitch11. This FREE pattern can be Found HERE. I love everything vintage. Turban/turbands seem to be all the rage then and now!  When I saw this pattern I had to make it!!!  I made it to keep my hair up during labor when I had my sons!  It took me... Continue Reading →

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