Day 74 California Beanie/hat

I couldn't  possibly send all these hats to Florida without making one in the stylings of California!  Yes. Another design for the Kaylen Kamo series!! California Hat feat. Kaylen Kamo. Hook size 5.5mmBrown yarn(red heart super saver)Camo yarn (craft smart value)Toddler sizeThis hat uses half double crochet and double crochet. This hat is worked in continuous rounds.  Stitch... Continue Reading →

Day 73 Kaylen Kamo Hunters Cap

A lot of my family in Florida hunt. It's why I used the camo of course. So I knew Kaylen needed a hunter/trapper hat!  It's Hat three in the Kaylen Kamo series!Kaylen Kamo Hunters Hat Toddler size6.5 mm hook-K hookBrown- Red heart super saver.(color a) Camo-craft smart value.(color b)Tapestry needleThis hat is worked in continuous rounds.  Stitch... Continue Reading →

Day 71 Kaylen Kamo Trucker Cap

I absolutely love how my cousins in Florida have a baby boy named Kaylen who is the same age as my son Simon.   They look alike but are so very different. I love watching them grow and change into their little personalities.  I knew I had to make Kaylen some hats to reflect his... Continue Reading →

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