Not your Pap’s beer cozy. For her!


Beer. I come from the land of beer and football. PITTSBURGH! Anyway. I decided to make a beer cozy for the ladies who love beer and football just as much as the next yinzer ;). Some moms choose wine, us Pgh moms like our brews. I also have to give a shout out to my UNCLE Gary who grows his own hops and brews his own award winning beer(I kid you not). This was inspired by you uncle Gary!

Not your Pap’s beer cozy.
What you will need:
5.5 mm hook
3 colors of yarn (I used acrylic and cotton for the base)
Yarn needle

Stitches used:
Sc-single crochet
Shell- 3dc, ch2, 3dc in same sp
Slst- slip stitch
BLO- back loop only

(Note the cotton base for optimal condensation absorption!)

Ch4, join with Slst to form ring.
1.)Ch1, Hdc12 in center. Slst to join
2.)Ch2, *hdc, 2 hdc in next sp, repeat from * around. Join with Slst end w/2sc
3.)Ch2′ *hdc in next 2sp, 2hdc. Repeat from * around. Join with Slst End with sc in last 2 sp
4.(Ch1, *sc in next 3, 2sc. repeat from * around Join with Slst end with sc in last 2sp
Switch color
5.)In BLO, ch3, skip 3 sp, *shell, skip 5 sp shell. Repeat from * around. End with sc in ch sp (5shells total)join
Switch color
6.)Ch3′ turn, 2dc in sc sp, *shell in sc sp, sc in ch2 sp of shell. Repeat from * til end! end with three dc, ch2. Join to turning ch
Switch color
7.)Ch1, turn, sc in ch2 sp, *shell in next sc sp, sc in ch2′ repeat til end.(previous st should be final dc of shell) Ending with join to ch1
Switch color.
Repeat row6
Switch color
Repeat row 7
Switch color
Edging: switch to base color, sc evenly around. Be sure to put 2sc in each ch2 sp. join and fasten off. Weave in ends.

For coaster pattern click here

And Remember to Please drink responsibly. Or not at all 😉

Free Pattern

Easy bow for moms on the go!

Please bear with me. My laptop was broken by a very clever almost three year old. So new iPad means I’ve had to switch photo editing software. Personally I like these better(my watermarks) but I am anxious over the inconsistency. Anywayyyyy

I’ve been working on slippers all week for family. Football season is coming up hint hint. I am a huge fan of embellishments so of course I had to add my own touch to everything I make. These particular slippers were a free pattern offered by one of my go to blogs for patterns @Moogly. I also want my other pairs to be finished too.
(click through link to MOOGLY)


This super simple bow can be made in minutes and is cute for any piece.

I wasn’t lying when I said it was easy. Here we go!

You will need :
Hook of choice
I used Vanna’s choice for my yarn

SC in 2nd CH from hook, sc in each ch across.(43)
CH1, SC Across(43)
Next 3 rows repeat row 2. Or until width desired.


I twist the fabric to look like those car magnet ribbons? I had a hard time putting that into words. Haha. I secure a piece of yarn behind all three folds until it is squished up like a cute little bow. You may need to manipulate the fabric to get it to lay evenly.

I then took a piece of yarn. Slipped it into the fourth CH so on the 5th row(held vertically) and secure/tie until u shape is made. Weave in ends and voila!!!!! It’s super easy my three year old can almost make it. Almost!!

Free Pattern

Unidentified Fat Object. (NO SEW Amigurumi)

What started as a flop, turned into an out of this world pattern!  Check out these chubby cute little saucers!!  My boys love them, and i hope you do too!  What makes these so awesome is how simple they are too whip up!  NO SEWING NEEDED ❤

Lets blast off shall we?!?

Tools Needed:

5.5mm hook

Three colors of yarn.  I used redheart super saver solids.  (heather grey, Black Neon   green)




Using green, Start with Magic circle
10hcd in circle,  join w/ slst
2hdc in each sp around,  join w/ slst
Hdc, 2hdc repeat around.  join w. slt
Hdc across, join w/ slst
Switch to grey
Sc3, Switch to white, Popcorn, Switch to grey, Sc3. Repeat til end. End with popcorn
Switch to grey
Sc across
In BLO sc across, join w/ slt
Switch to black
Hdc in next 3 (between popcorn spaces), Switch to grey, Sc in next 5, Switch to blk, Hdc in next three, Repeat til end
Repeat for next row
Join w/grey.
Sc in next 5, decrease, sc in next 7, decrease, sc in next 6, decrease, hdc next 6, decrease,sc join
Sc, decrease, sc next3,decrease
Decrease BLO, join
Ch2 sc
Decrease until 6sp left.  Stuff w/ polyfil
Sc 6 for two rows
Sc,skipsc until 3sp
Sc one row
Switch to green
Decrease til closed. Fasten off


Thank you for reading ❤

Free Pattern

Didi’s Desert Cactus.


California is a desert.  This means lots of Cacti.  Who doesn’t love these spunky and beautiful plants?!?!? I have quite a few real ones in my “eden” of a yard.


It’s certainly a daily inspiration for me.   I have also made so many of these crochet beauties!

My one big regret was not writing these patterns down to begin with.  SMDH
It’s one of my most  bought and requested item(s).  Obviously i HAD to make a pattern for one eventually!  So here it is!  The very first pattern i ever wrote(not to be confused with my first posted pattern), is finally tweaked and tested and ready for you.  I named it after my mother Diane because she was the inspiration for this. I’ve made her a cactus or two so that she could have a piece of beautiful Cali desert when she has to hesitantly fly back home to Pennsylvania after her visits.

Didi’s Desert Cactus:
What you will need:

Pattons wool solids. Colors of your choosing.

4.25mm hook

Yarn needles


Terms used:

CH- Chain

SC- Single Crochet


FPSC- Front post single crochet

SLST- SlipStitch

HDC- Half Double crochet

Popcorn- Popcorn stitch.

Magic Circle. (Click HERE for Moogly’s Video Tutorial) visit Mooglyblog for more designs!!



1.) SC in 2nd sp from hook,SC across. (25)

2.) CH2, turn, FPSC across, SC in last sp. (25)

3-7.) CH2, turn, FPSC across, SC in last sp.  (25)

SLST vertically across to join body.

Top of Cactus:

1.) CH2, *SC in next 5,Decrease. Repeat from * 4X (20)

2.) CH2, *SC in next 2, Decrease, Repeat from * 4X (10)

3.) CH2, Decrease until closed.  Fasten off and weave in end.


arm1.) CH15, turn, SC across, CH2, turn

arm1row2.) FPSC across, SC in last sp.

Make five rows of FPSC and sew closed same as body.

Arm2.) CH10, turn, SC across, CH2 turn

Arm2row2.) FPSC across, SC in last sp.

Make five rows of FPSC and sew closes same as body.


Join to bottom of cactus (open part) with a SLST (brown yarn)

1.) SC in same sp as join, SC, Popcorn, *SC, 2SC in next sp, SC, Popcorn.  repeat from * 4X SLST

2.)CH2, *Popcorn, SC, 2SC in next sp, SC.  Repeat from * until end of row.  Join and fasten off.

Dirt closure:(bottom)

1.)Start with Magic circle.  If having trouble, please visit Tamara Kelly’s tutorial, from Mooglyblog  HERE.

2.) 10 HDC in circle. CH2

3.) 2HDC in each sp around.  Join with SLST and fasten off



Please stick around for this weekends postings.