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Day 59: end of month recap

We’ve made it through month two!  Wow. I can’t believe I’m still doing this haha. 

Here’s a treasure hunt style link blast for the month of February!!!  

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Day 51: Robertson Ridge Technique

Lately I’ve been designing a line of hats that all use the same technique. I call this technique the Robertsons Ridge Technique. So far I’ve designed three hats using this technique.

The first was this Pretty Pillbox Hat.


Followed by the Boo-Yah Bucket hat.


Just yesterday I released this Amish Inspired Hat Pattern.



And tomorrow there will be another one using this technique.

This technique uses a sequence of three rows to get the desired ridge look. It starts by using desired stitch in the BLO of an entire row. Followed by two rows of desired stitch in the FLO of each row.

BLO stands for back loop only.
FLO stands for front loop only.

I have included a link to a video tutorial on how to crochet in the BLO and FLO. The video can be found HERE.

The video link is courtesy of Yarn Obsession.

You can also find these FREE patterns as a bundle on my RAVELRY.

Keep your eyes peeled for more hats using this technique coming soon. I’m currently working on at least four more designs 🙂

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Day 23: Preemie Hat Roundup

Preemie Hat Round up


Clockwise from L-R:







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