Day 70

Basic Beanie design by Bob Wilson 123. 

This pattern was a video tutorial that I found HERE. 

This hat, made three years ago, was the very first thing I have ever crocheted. I’m serious. My parents were in town and my mom found it while sorting old baby clothes with me. I couldn’t believe we found it. I was also stunned by how critical i was of myself when I made it. I hated it and thought I didn’t terrible job. It’s not so bad after all. It took me my first try to make it so the video was very easy to follow. I can’t stress enough how good this pattern is. This was my first project and I understood every part of it. I made the mistake of using a fluffy yarn. I relied a lot on my sense of touch to measurement progress. 

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Day 39: Pretty Pillbox Vintage Hat

I’m stuck on a huge vintage kick! I’ve been looking everywhere for a decent pillbox hat pattern. I just couldn’t find one :(. So I made one!


What you will need
5.5mm hook
Bernat, Vickie Howell Sheepish (I used two strands at once)
Tapestry needle
Buttons or embellishments(I used my grandmothers buttons so they were literally vintage)

This pattern mainly uses single crochet. It also calls for back loop only(BLO) and front loop only(FLO)
For video tutorial on how to crochet in FLO and BLO click HERE.

This hat features the Robertsons Ridge Technique

Pretty pill box hat

Magic circle, 6sc in magic circle
2sc in each sp around
2sc, sc Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 2. Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 3. Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 4. Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 5. Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 6. Repeat around
2sc, so in next 7. Repeat around
2sc, sc in next 8. Repeat around.
Ch1, in BLO sc in each sp around.
Ch1, in FLO Sc in each sp around
Ch1, in FLO Sc in each sp around.
For next 4 rounds, sc around.
Slst around. Fasten off weave in ends.
Embellish as desired 🙂


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Day 37. Artic Fury Aviator Hat

My oldest son henry has been BEGGING me to make pom poms. He’s obsessed with my pom Pom maker. It’s magic, I know it! 😉 I’ve also been quite homesick seeing all these newscasts calling for snow nationwide. I HAD to design a snowy inspired hat for him with a huge Pom on top of course. Here is what I came up with :).

My Henry looks like such a little explorer! Especially with his freshly rubbed off cat make up XD

Here is how you can make your own Artic Fury Aviator Hat.


Artic fury aviator hat

6.5 mm hook-K hook
Two colors of Red heart super saver. I used royal(color a) and white(color b)
Tapestry needle
Two large buttons

This hat is worked in continuous rounds. Stitch marker is recommended.
Using color A
Row1: Starting it’s magic circle, hdc6 in circle.
Row2: 2dc in each sp around.
Row3: 2dc, dc in next sp. repeat around.
Row4: 2dc, dc in next 2 sp. repeat around.
Row5: 2dc, dc in next 3 sp. repeat around.
Row5: 2dc, dc in next 4 sp. repeat around
Row6: 2dc, dc in next 5 sp. repeat around.
Rows7-15 dc in each sp around.
Fasten off.

Ear flaps:
Using color a
Row1: slst to join. Join to 5th sp from fasten off both ways for both sides. Ch1. Dc in same sp and next 9 sp.
row2: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(8)
Row3: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(7)
Row4: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(6)
Row5: decease dc, dc in remaining sp(5)
Row6: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(4)
Row7: decrease dc, dc in remaining sp(3). Fasten off

Brim n Trim
Switch to color b
Turn hat inside out
Using either side(hat is facing frontwards towards you) slst to join in 2nd sp from ear flap join.
Row1: hdc in join, hdc in next 13 sp.
Rows2-7hdc across. Do not fasten off
Trim: sc2 in current corner, so evenly down the side and along the sides of The hat. Continue to sc around until you get to opposite corner of trim start. 3sc in corner. So remaining sp across including 1sc in last corner sp totaling 3sc in corner. Join to 1st sc with slst. Fasten off. Weave In ends.

Ad pom or ties as desired


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Day 7

Elianna Puff Beanie design by AGHandmade.


This FREE pattern can be found HERE.

This hat reminds me of a nice spring day at the park. In fact I could make this hat during a nice spring visit to the park. That’s how quick It works up. With instructions for multiple designs how could you not love this design? I used Caron yarn this time. It’s softer and more difficult to use when using in-line hooks, but I worked it!

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