Wavy Windjammer Tube Top

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Ocean City Maryland. We absolutely social distanced. Only went to the beach when it was either early morning or during dinnertime when next to no one was there. We also stayed in a private house instead of a hotel/condo on Windjammer lane. Which is why I... Continue Reading →

Tootie’s toes

Flashback to the very first pattern I had ever written! Toots (tuhts) toes. A barefoot sandal pattern for adults! Making a new pair today and updating pictures for the old post, I decided to convert the pattern to toddler size as well! Terms: SLST - Slip Stitch DC - Double crochet SC - Single Crochet... Continue Reading →

Hermie Hammock

Hermie Hammock. 8.0 mm hook Two strands yarn of choice. Make sure it is clean, organic and rinsed with chlorine free water. Ch30 1.)In 5th Ch from hook DC. Ch3. Skip 3 so, DC. Repeat across. Turn 2.) DC in prebious ch3, ch3, DC in next ch3 so. Repeat across. This will create a decrease... Continue Reading →


if you follow my Facebook page, you have already gotten the terrible news. The amazingly talented and bright designer, Marinke, "Wink", from A Creative Being Blog, lost her battle with depression. She has left this cruel world.  It is so sad and hits close to home.   The kind and sweet lady named, Kathryn, over... Continue Reading →

Day 78

1920's Lacy Headband design by Hopeful Honey.   This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I LIED, I'm still obsessed with vintage patterns!  I knew exactly where to find my next one too. My go to gal from Hopeful Honey!  This took me a half hour to work up. Waiting room status!  I love how the stiches work... Continue Reading →

Day 61

Desert Hope Slouch Beanie design by Simply Collectible Crochet. ´╗┐´╗┐This FREE pattern can be found HERE. I get car sick really easy so everytime we travel I crochet to distract myself. This trip was a half hour trip. I finished all but one row of this hat in that trip. My fault. Coffee break. It was easy... Continue Reading →

Day 52. Funky Fez Hat

My husband is a Huge history buff. We've been filling the house with historical related podcasts. We just finished the rule and fall of the Roman Empire and moved onto the Ottoman Empire. They discussed fez hats and the ban on them due to tensions with Austrian trade. What caught my attention was i was... Continue Reading →

Day 43: Salty Sailor AntiSlouch Hat

My husband came to me with a pretty specific order. He's a Capricorn for those of you who know your astrology. So yes, detail oriented with perfectionist undertones. He wanted, no poms, not a slouch hat, no brim with a hat bill, no stripes, different color brim with texture, crown not textured, among many other... Continue Reading →

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