Vine Crown/Crown Base for Flower Crowns

Having two super girly girls for daughters means I'm making flower crowns for nearly every event, holiday etc. I really needed something to make that held the flowers on nice and secure because in the past just sewing them together was kind of limp and flimsy. I came up with this vine that can be... Continue Reading →

Summertime Concert Crown

ive been seeing a lot of festie themed pictures all over my Facebook feed. I wanted to join the fun without actually going to a festival/concert.    This pattern is really easy to make. It's good for beginners who are learning double and triple crochet stitches. It also uses the same method as the Fatty... Continue Reading →

Deer Daisy Woodland Crown

It's almost fall!!! Fall reminds me of growing up in Pennsylvania. Deer hunting, bonfires and the last wild flowers of the season all picked for my mommy. That is if the deer didn't eat the daisies first. Wearing it makes me feel like an earthy princess. I hope you feel lovely in it too! Deer... Continue Reading →

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