Holly’s Hot Savers

My cousin Holly and i are both moms of two busy little boys. Hers are older and great examples of young men. I try to keep in touch with her as much as I can. Last we spoke, She requested some plate settings/ hot savers for her Apple themed kitchen!! I made two of each... Continue Reading →

Black and White and Red all over

I made and oops. A big oops. Not only did I not read over and check a certain pattern, (Charmy's Super Charged) but I was so off, I had to reformat and re gauge the entire thing. I am new at this. It was bound to happen. I fixed it. So here it is. Charmy's... Continue Reading →

Elflet cap/beanie

It's getting colder. Fall is here! It's definitely beanie weather right this very moment. I just recently dealt with some major wool shrinkage. It resulted in a beanie causality. I really wanted to try writing a pattern of my own instead this time. I also wanted a more form fitting and dainty hat as opposed... Continue Reading →

Yes, I know it says farts.

I know what you're thinking. "Farts?" "Really?" And you're most likely half right 😉 I did it on purpose of course!! It means: Fiber arts & Bodily functions of course. Both seem to be in overabundance at my house. All boys but me. Stinky sons and a bistitchual craft with yarn! Welcome to the new,... Continue Reading →

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