FREE yarn giveaway!!!!

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Pattern reviews

Posh Pooch Design’s wig contest!

I could not resist! I saw the pattern for these awesomely rad wigs and I knew I had to make one.

Posh pooch designs has the FREE pattern HERE. I set it in my ravelry queue. Then I saw there was a contest! I HAD to enter so obviously I did haha. Here is my entry 🙂


I went with a woodland creature sort of style. The deadline to enter is over so now it’s voting time! If you like what I made, please take a brief moment to go and vote by clicking like on the photo I linked HERE.

The crown I used for the wig is called Deer Daisy Woodland Crown and is. Free pattern I offer. It can be found HERE


I had the most fun making this wig. My kids think it is the coolest thing since the Lego movie came out hah.