Day 48: toddler roundup.

Toddler round up. I know I know, I have babies and toddlers on the brain. But my house is filled with the most wonderful baby and toddler boys I could ever ask for :). Clockwise from L-R: Small Brimmed Hat- Homemade Hats by Cheryl 3d Easy toddler Bonnet- Debi Dearest Ring Around Hearts Beanie- MNE... Continue Reading →

Day 23: Preemie Hat Roundup

Preemie Hat Round up Clockwise from L-R: Check out day 22 HERE.


Cabbage Patch Boy Beanie by Debi Dearest. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. This is my most requested item to buy. I have made so many of these it's awesome. I'm weird and really love the loop stitch. This hat is pretty much ALL loop stitching. Excite! I use Caron solids for this hat.... Continue Reading →

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