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Lazy Star Bunting

        Ive truly missed regularly reaching out and updating all of you. I promise these next few months this year will be updated much more frequently as well as more of a regular correspondence. If you need any imediate help from me regarding give always and/or pattern help feel free to email me at
    Since I’ve been gone I haven’t crocheted very much but I did come up with some fast and easy patterns and some upcoming plus size clothing patterns. This is one of those patterns that is Super fun and perfect to work up on a lazy day with some tea and a podcast on.  

Hook:   Large star- 9mm.                                    Medium star- 5mm

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver Solids                  Red Heart boutique Sashay Boho

Yarn needle to sew in ends. 

      ***Red Heart Yarns has been so generous and supplied me the yarn for the stars. They sent me Boutique Sashay Boho in Rendez-vous.  Please go show them some love. They are so gracious! You can find the exact same yarn I used HERE.  


Lazy star bunting 


Row1: Sc in 5th sp from hook, *ch2 skip 2 sc. Repeat from * around ending with a sc. Should have five gaps/sections. 


Row2: In ch2 sp, sc, hdc, dc, tc, ch2, tc, dc, hdc, sc. Repeat in each ch2 sp. sew together to form star. fasten off and weave in ends.
For the bunting I just made a rope by chaining as long as I needed. I also used. 9mm hook for the large star. 5.5mm hook for the medium and a 3.25 for the small. 

Pattern reviews

Little boy themed pattern review. 

So many baby boys in my family back home in Pennsylvania. I had to make more hats for little Liam back home.  I decided to go with my favorite color combo for boys to make him a few hats to grow into. 

The owl design is called Oh Boy Oh Boy Owl and is designed by Cre8tion Crochet.  This free pattern can be found HERE

   I love how it worked up. The ears bend on their own, the eyes just make his owl face light right up.  I had no issues working this hat up and I love how the instructions included how to carry out the color changes. 

 The Beret hat to the right you have seen before!  

It’s a Posh Pooch design!  Called Strawberry Shortcake Beret. (For Christmas).  This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

     I knew the same three cute boy colors would be perfect for this hat.  I made it for a toddler so that Liam can wear it once he outgrows his Owl hat.   The review for this hat can be found HERE

Free Pattern

Fatty Boom Bloom(silk Sari)

I have to ask, have you seen Red Heart Yarns new Boutique Silk Sari?!?!?  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and each hank is guaranteed to be different than the last. It’s hand spun!! It comes in four varieties. I used “Dazzling”  I was dying to make something with it. The Indian originated Sari fabric/garment has always caught my eye. So colorful, unique and gorgeous. What better to use it for than a flower?!?!  

  I made two sizes and decided to keep going. Two flowers come out to be a little less or exactly one hank of silk sari yarn.   You can find this special yarn HERE. For $6.99 each. 


Getting started:

Fatty Boom bloom

Red Heart Boutique Silk Sari

Large size ch73
Medium size Ch37 
      Sc- single crochet
      Dc- double crochet
      Tc- triple crochet (similar to dc but you y/o twice,)
      Hdc- half double crochet
9mm hook
Row1: Sc in 5th sp from hook, *ch2 skip 2 sc.  Repeat from * around ending with a sc. 
Row2: In ch2 sp, sc, hdc, dc, tc, ch2, tc, dc, hdc, sc.  Repeat in each ch2 sp. fasten off and weave in ends. 
4.00mm hook
Row1:Magic circle, 10sc in center. Join with slst. 
Wind flower to form,and sew on center. 
I tested out some Red Heart super saver with the pattern and this is how it looks!!  

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 35

Newborn Baby Boy Puff Stitch Crochet Hat design by MyMerryMessyLife



This FREE pattern can be found HERE

It’s obvious who this hat is for!!!! I’ve been on the hunt for newborn size hats for baby Liam again. This time I wanted something with a pom. This textured hat pattern was perfect! I used various styles of Red heart shimmer and Red Heart baby. It took me twenty minutes to work up. I really like how the pattern was worded. It made it very easy to understand and follow along.

Check out day 34 HERE.

365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 33: Little Liam Lamb Hat


I’ve been ooogling over pictures of cute baby Liam for days!!! I HAD to design him a hat. I thought the idea of adding lamb ears to a wool hat was perfect for a baby as lovable as Liam!!


Little Liam Lamb hat

Sizes:NEWBORN,0-3, and 3-6 months(pattern in full. Smaller sizes are noted below appropriate rows)

10mm hook & 6.5mm for ears
Super bulky(I used red heart grande in Aran) it’s a wool blend! Baa baaa
Inside of the ear: Red Heart Baby Cloud in cotton candy
Tapestry needle. Upholstery size(yarn is very thick)

Sc-single crochet,
Slst- slip stitch
Hdc- half double crochet
Sctog- sc together

Start with magic circle.
Row1: ch1, 6sc in circle. Join to ch1 with slst
Row2: ch1, 2 sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst.(12sc)
Row3: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next sp. repeat around. Join to ch1 with slst.(18sc)
If making size 0-3 stop here and move on to row 5
Row4: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next 2 sp. repeat around join to ch1 with slst.(24sc)
Rows5-9:(0-3 rows5-11, 3-6 rows5-12)ch1, sc in first sp and each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Row10(11,12)ch1 in FLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Rows11(12,13)-12(13,14) :these rows are worked in continuous rounds. sc around. fasten off and weav.
Row13(14,15) slst in each sp around.

Using 6.5mm hook
Outside of ear

Row1: ch8, Sc in 3rd sp from hook and each sp across(6sc)
Row2: turn, ch1, sc across
Row3:sctog three times.
Inside of ear
Starting with fuzzy yarn,
Row1:Ch6, HDC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across(4hdc)
Row2:Ch2, hdc in each sp across, ch2 and slst in side of row one to form a small loop. Fasten off
Place small fuzzy part on top of the bigger part loop should be on topand sc together evenly around the edges. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To curl ear and attach:
Sew both ears together. Food bottom of ear in half and sew onto hat (see photo) to make the curl of the ear

Check out day 32 HERE.