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Little boy themed pattern review. 

So many baby boys in my family back home in Pennsylvania. I had to make more hats for little Liam back home.  I decided to go with my favorite color combo for boys to make him a few hats to grow into. 

The owl design is called Oh Boy Oh Boy Owl and is designed by Cre8tion Crochet.  This free pattern can be found HERE

   I love how it worked up. The ears bend on their own, the eyes just make his owl face light right up.  I had no issues working this hat up and I love how the instructions included how to carry out the color changes. 

 The Beret hat to the right you have seen before!  

It’s a Posh Pooch design!  Called Strawberry Shortcake Beret. (For Christmas).  This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

     I knew the same three cute boy colors would be perfect for this hat.  I made it for a toddler so that Liam can wear it once he outgrows his Owl hat.   The review for this hat can be found HERE

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Day 71 Kaylen Kamo Trucker Cap

I absolutely love how my cousins in Florida have a baby boy named Kaylen who is the same age as my son Simon.   They look alike but are so very different. I love watching them grow and change into their little personalities.  I knew I had to make Kaylen some hats to reflect his cute little self but also make his daddy proud. He’s a truck driver 😉 

Kaylen Kammo Trucker Hat

This hat is for a child size. 

5.5mm hook
Brown yarn(color b) Red Heart Super Saver
Camo yarn(color a) Craft Smart Value 

Stiches used:
    Hdc-Half double crochet
    Slst- slip stitch
    BLO- back loop only 

Starting with Color a:
Row1: Magic circle, Ch2, 12 hdc in circle  join to ch2
Switch to color b:
Row2:Ch2, 2 Hdc in each sp around. Join to ch2
Row3:Ch2, 2hdc, hdc.  Repeat around. Join to ch2
Row4:Ch2, 2hdc, hdc In Next 2 sp, repeat around. Join to ch2. 
Row5:Ch2′ 2hdc,hdc in next 3 sp, repeat around, join to ch2
Row6: ch2, 2hdc, Hdc in next 4 sp, repeat around, join to ch2
Row7: ch2, 2hdc, Hdc in next 20 sp, repeat around,(ending with HDC in last 2 sp) join to ch2
Rows8-15: ch2 hdc in each sp around. Join to ch2
Row16: ch1, BLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1. Fasten off. 

*slst color A anywhere on hat. Ch2′ Hdc in same sp. HDC in next 16 so
*For next three rows:Ch2, turn. HDC in same sp and each sp across. 
*Ch2, decrease hdc, decrease hdc, hdc in next 9 sp, decrease hdc, decrease hdc, 
*Ch1 sc evenly along the side of the brim until you reach base of hat, slst to hat and around base of hat until you reach other side of brim. Sc along side of brim and across top joining to first sc with a slst. Fasten off

Stay tuned for more from the Kaylen Kamo series this month!!!!!! (Four up and coming designs!)

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Day 57

Buffi Crochet Beanie design by Moogly

This FREE pattern can be found HERE

I started out making this just in Red Heart Grande. To my horror I ran out halfway through. I started over with some pink and decided it looked exactly like a cupcake tee hee. This pattern was very easy to read, has great how to instructions for each stitch used as well. A huge plus! I recommend this to any beginner for sure.  It only took me an episode of Dance Moms on LifetimeTv to finish. Thats about 30minutes minus commercials of course. I’m going to make another one today in blue and brown and see if it comes out looking like a yummy muffin!

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Day 34

Mens Cabled Golf Cap design by Moogly.


This FREE pattern can be found HERE

I always teased my dad about making him a pappy hat. The second I sent him the link for Moogly’s design, he HAD to have it! I had a blast making this hat. Watching the cables build as the rows goes was really cool. Like a kaleidoscope of stitches! I do stitch very tightly so I recommend finger blocking the cables to make them pop the way the design intended. It was fairly easy to follow and didn’t take long to make at all. Even sewing the brim was easy because the instructions in the design were listed out perfectly.

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Day 33: Little Liam Lamb Hat


I’ve been ooogling over pictures of cute baby Liam for days!!! I HAD to design him a hat. I thought the idea of adding lamb ears to a wool hat was perfect for a baby as lovable as Liam!!


Little Liam Lamb hat

Sizes:NEWBORN,0-3, and 3-6 months(pattern in full. Smaller sizes are noted below appropriate rows)

10mm hook & 6.5mm for ears
Super bulky(I used red heart grande in Aran) it’s a wool blend! Baa baaa
Inside of the ear: Red Heart Baby Cloud in cotton candy
Tapestry needle. Upholstery size(yarn is very thick)

Sc-single crochet,
Slst- slip stitch
Hdc- half double crochet
Sctog- sc together

Start with magic circle.
Row1: ch1, 6sc in circle. Join to ch1 with slst
Row2: ch1, 2 sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst.(12sc)
Row3: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next sp. repeat around. Join to ch1 with slst.(18sc)
If making size 0-3 stop here and move on to row 5
Row4: ch1, 2sc in first sp, sc in next 2 sp. repeat around join to ch1 with slst.(24sc)
Rows5-9:(0-3 rows5-11, 3-6 rows5-12)ch1, sc in first sp and each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Row10(11,12)ch1 in FLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1 with slst
Rows11(12,13)-12(13,14) :these rows are worked in continuous rounds. sc around. fasten off and weav.
Row13(14,15) slst in each sp around.

Using 6.5mm hook
Outside of ear

Row1: ch8, Sc in 3rd sp from hook and each sp across(6sc)
Row2: turn, ch1, sc across
Row3:sctog three times.
Inside of ear
Starting with fuzzy yarn,
Row1:Ch6, HDC in 3rd ch from hook and each ch across(4hdc)
Row2:Ch2, hdc in each sp across, ch2 and slst in side of row one to form a small loop. Fasten off
Place small fuzzy part on top of the bigger part loop should be on topand sc together evenly around the edges. Fasten off and weave in ends.

To curl ear and attach:
Sew both ears together. Food bottom of ear in half and sew onto hat (see photo) to make the curl of the ear

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365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 27

Crochet Hat with brim design by Strings and Sealing Wax.


This FREE pattern can be found HERE.

So many babies in my life! A lot of friends and family from home are due any day now, or have had beautiful baby blessings. Like hooks on fire I have been whipping up baby hat after baby hat. This one was no exception. Bulkyish yarn (bernat baby) and worked up fast. The little brim makes it so cute and fancy. Perfect for church or a picnic.

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