Hermie Hammock

Hermie Hammock. 8.0 mm hook Two strands yarn of choice. Make sure it is clean, organic and rinsed with chlorine free water. Ch30 1.)In 5th Ch from hook DC. Ch3. Skip 3 so, DC. Repeat across. Turn 2.) DC in prebious ch3, ch3, DC in next ch3 so. Repeat across. This will create a decrease... Continue Reading →

Toots Toes

The First pattern for Raising Robertson's is here!!! It's pronounced (tuhts) it's what i will forever remember my pap calling my grandma. My husband calls me that on days he notices my home sickness growing in my heart. Speaking of Toots, My mom told me how excited my grandma(Toots) was to see the barefoot sandals... Continue Reading →

Hump Day Hammocks(Stitch11)

It's hump day.  Yikes.  There's not a better reminder to take it easy and keep on swinging through the week than a hammock pattern review am i right!?!?!  I've had this pattern on my ravelry queue for ages.  I needed to make it for what seems like hundreds of stuffed animals in my home.  Corina... Continue Reading →

Coming up!

Coming Soon this week.  I will be doing  a Pattern review. Care to Mosey on over to Stitch11 and take a guess as to what i am going to make and review!?!? There will also be THREE new products!!! Stay tuned for updates this week.   Here is a sneak peek. . .

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