Western Round Up!

Introducing my very first roundup!!!  I decided to do a western theme since i’ve been re watching old John Wayne films.  SO here they are.  NINE FREE crochet patterns all tex/mex western style.  Giddy up and enjoy! IMG_0086.JPG

1.)Lil Saddle Tramp Chaps by Carol Ballard of CobblersCabin

2.)Xiao MaEr Giddy pattern by Ohana Craft

3.)Dog Cowboy Hat pattern By Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

4.)Taco pattern by Kristen Stevenson of Tiny Purrs

5.)Cowboy Set Pattern by Stacey of Busting Stitches

6.)Habanero Pepper pattern by Charlotte W. of Nyanpon

7.)Baby Cowboy Hat Pattern by Kati of KatiD Creations

8.)Didi’s Desert Cactus pattern by Amanda Robertson of Raising Robertsons

9.)Cowboy Booties pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

Free Pattern

Didi’s Desert Cactus.


California is a desert.  This means lots of Cacti.  Who doesn’t love these spunky and beautiful plants?!?!? I have quite a few real ones in my “eden” of a yard.


It’s certainly a daily inspiration for me.   I have also made so many of these crochet beauties!

My one big regret was not writing these patterns down to begin with.  SMDH
It’s one of my most  bought and requested item(s).  Obviously i HAD to make a pattern for one eventually!  So here it is!  The very first pattern i ever wrote(not to be confused with my first posted pattern), is finally tweaked and tested and ready for you.  I named it after my mother Diane because she was the inspiration for this. I’ve made her a cactus or two so that she could have a piece of beautiful Cali desert when she has to hesitantly fly back home to Pennsylvania after her visits.

Didi’s Desert Cactus:
What you will need:

Pattons wool solids. Colors of your choosing.

4.25mm hook

Yarn needles


Terms used:

CH- Chain

SC- Single Crochet


FPSC- Front post single crochet

SLST- SlipStitch

HDC- Half Double crochet

Popcorn- Popcorn stitch.

Magic Circle. (Click HERE for Moogly’s Video Tutorial) visit Mooglyblog for more designs!!



1.) SC in 2nd sp from hook,SC across. (25)

2.) CH2, turn, FPSC across, SC in last sp. (25)

3-7.) CH2, turn, FPSC across, SC in last sp.  (25)

SLST vertically across to join body.

Top of Cactus:

1.) CH2, *SC in next 5,Decrease. Repeat from * 4X (20)

2.) CH2, *SC in next 2, Decrease, Repeat from * 4X (10)

3.) CH2, Decrease until closed.  Fasten off and weave in end.


arm1.) CH15, turn, SC across, CH2, turn

arm1row2.) FPSC across, SC in last sp.

Make five rows of FPSC and sew closed same as body.

Arm2.) CH10, turn, SC across, CH2 turn

Arm2row2.) FPSC across, SC in last sp.

Make five rows of FPSC and sew closes same as body.


Join to bottom of cactus (open part) with a SLST (brown yarn)

1.) SC in same sp as join, SC, Popcorn, *SC, 2SC in next sp, SC, Popcorn.  repeat from * 4X SLST

2.)CH2, *Popcorn, SC, 2SC in next sp, SC.  Repeat from * until end of row.  Join and fasten off.

Dirt closure:(bottom)

1.)Start with Magic circle.  If having trouble, please visit Tamara Kelly’s tutorial, from Mooglyblog  HERE.

2.) 10 HDC in circle. CH2

3.) 2HDC in each sp around.  Join with SLST and fasten off



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