Mandala Monday.(lookatwhatimade)

I had a short and sweet sort of weekend. Had a good time at a friends house for her birthday BBQ. Lots of happy little kiddos bouncing about. Previously she had mentioned how much she liked the Sophie's Mandala Pattern by Dedri over at Look What I Made. I HAD to make it since I've... Continue Reading →

Summer Summer Summer Time!

  I have so many plans for this site and for my shop i just dont know where to start.  Can i just buy more time please?  Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday i have my personal trainer sessions so that takes up a large chunk of nap time.  Heck it takes up a huge chunk... Continue Reading →

Coming up!

Coming Soon this week.  I will be doing  a Pattern review. Care to Mosey on over to Stitch11 and take a guess as to what i am going to make and review!?!? There will also be THREE new products!!! Stay tuned for updates this week.   Here is a sneak peek. . .

Working Out The Kinks.

A good start to every blog is working out the kinks.  Lately i have been working on project after project to build my portfolio. *see Ravelry*  I have been brushing up on my skills but I am getting frustrated.  Not knowing where to begin again.  I am determined to make this work.  So I am... Continue Reading →

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