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Day 24: Mommy Beanette

This is part one of my two part Mommy, N Me (3-6months) hat set. I call them beanettes because it is sort of a cross between a beanie and a hairnet considering the type of stitching used.


9mm hook

Bulky yarn 10ply. (I used. Kitting by. The Sea’s. Baby Alpaca)

The pattern is written for one color of yarn but I used two. Just alternate the rows if you chose to do thesame. ”

Hdc-half double crochet
Slst-slip stitch


Mommy size:
Row1: Magic ring, ch2, hdc 10 in center. Join w/ slst(10)
Row 2: ch2. *Skip sp,HDC, ch1. Repeat *around. Join to top of ch2 with slst
Row3: ch2, hdc 2 hdc in each ch sp and hdc sp around. Join to top of ch2 with slst (20)
Row4: ch3, *skip 2 sp, HDC, ch2, skip 2 spaces. Repeat *around. Join to top of firsts ch3 with slst.
Row5: ch2, hdc 4in each ch2sp and 2hdc in each ch2 sp around join to top of ch2with slst(40)
Row6: ch4, *skip 3 sp, HDC, ch3. Repeat* around. Joint to top of first ch3 with slst.
Row7: ch2, hdc 2 in each sp and 6hdc in each ch3 sp around. Join to to of ch2 with slst(60)
Row8 ch3, skip 2 sp, hdc. *Ch2 skip 2 spaces. Repeat * around
Rows9-14 * ch2, hdc in ch2 sp from previous round, ch2. Repeat from * around.
Row15: ch2, hdc in same sp, and each sp around. Only one hdc in ch2 sp.
Row16: ch1, in BLO, sc around. Fasten off weave in ends.

3-6 month size can be found HERE.


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Day 8. Don’t Be Jelly. Toddler beanie.

Here is the latest design from RRC!


My son has been begging me for a Green hat. I ended up making it sizable for ages 1-3 years. So it fits his brother too. He even named it himself. He said it looked like a jellyfish. It’s also green. The color of jealousy, which is a very relevant lesson for my three year old, now that his younger brother is almost as fast as he is when getting a toy!!! So we tell him when he gets jealous to “don’t be jelly”. It works half the time. Anyway I hope you enjoy this fun and easy beanie I came up with.


What you will need
5.5mm hook
Tapestry needle for sewing in ends

Dc- double crochet
Hdc- half double. Crochet
Fpdc- front post double crochet
Bpdc- back post double crochet
Magic circle
Slst- slip stitch
Picot- ch3, slst into first ch sp, yarn over and pull up loop. Yarn over and pull through two loops. Skip one sp, Slst into next sp

Begin: Starting w/ magic circle, 5dc in circle
Row1: working in continuous rounds, Dc in each sp sound (10dc)
Row2: 2dc in next sp, Dc, repeat around (15dc)
Row3: 2dc in each sp around (30dc)
Row4: 2 dc in next sp. Dc. Repeat around( 45dc)
Row5: 2dc in next sp. Dc in next three sp. repeat around (55hdc)
Row6: HDc around (55)
Row7: ch2. *fpdc in same sp, bpdc in next sp. Repeat from *around join with slst to ch2
Row8-14 repeat row 7
Row15: ch1. Hdc around. Join to ch1
Row16: picot(see above) in next sp And every other sp Repeat around. Join w/slst to middle of ch3 in first picot. Fasten off and weave in ends.


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Elflet cap/beanie


It’s getting colder. Fall is here! It’s definitely beanie weather right this very moment. I just recently dealt with some major wool shrinkage. It resulted in a beanie causality. I really wanted to try writing a pattern of my own instead this time. I also wanted a more form fitting and dainty hat as opposed to my usual skater slouch beanie. I came up with this darling little pointy hat.


Elflet cap/beanie
5.5mm hook
RHSS white(red heart super saver)

Make magic circle
10 dc in circle.
Dc around
2dc in each so around (20)
Dc around
2dc, dc in next 2. Repeat around. (28)
Dc, ch1, skip sp. repeat across.
2dc, dc in next 3.
2dc, dc in next 3. Repeat around. (36)
2dc, dc in next 4. Repeat around. (42)
2dc, dc in. Next 5. Repeat around. (56)
Dc. Ch1. Skip. Repeat around
Dc around
Dc. Ch1 skip. Repeat around.
Dc around
Dc. Ch1 skip. Repeat around.
Dc around
Dc. Ch1 skip. Repeat around.
Dc around
Dc. Ch1 skip repeat around
Sc around
Fasten off.