Vine Crown/Crown Base for Flower Crowns

Having two super girly girls for daughters means I'm making flower crowns for nearly every event, holiday etc. I really needed something to make that held the flowers on nice and secure because in the past just sewing them together was kind of limp and flimsy. I came up with this vine that can be... Continue Reading →

Wavy Windjammer Tube Top

A few weeks ago I was on vacation in Ocean City Maryland. We absolutely social distanced. Only went to the beach when it was either early morning or during dinnertime when next to no one was there. We also stayed in a private house instead of a hotel/condo on Windjammer lane. Which is why I... Continue Reading →

Day 19

Double Crochet Beanie design by Oombawka Designs. This FREE pattern can be found HERE. How many ways can I say this? WORLDS EASIEST BEANIE. There. It truly is. I could make these all day everyday with red heart suspect saver and be copacetic for ages :). Any beginner can make these beanies and they come... Continue Reading →

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