Wool and where have I been?!?

Let's start by addressing my absense!!     Am I done with this website?!?  Absolutely NOT!  I now have a nearly five month old baby, a three year old and a five year      old!!  Ahhh what is life?!?  I currently exclusively breastfeed Virginia, my daughter, so between feedings and typical day to day... Continue Reading →

Funky Fringe

I had this lamp that my middle son ripped a hole in.  The hole was towards the Bottom so I decided to trim it above the hole for a quick fix. How bland and weird it looked so I decided to add some flair to the lamp and designed a fun fringe!   This fringe... Continue Reading →

Fast Flower

I've been busy nesting like crazy! I'm 8 months pregnant and so ready to not be pregnant anymore but at least things are getting done! I came up with a fast flower pattern so I could whip up a cute bunting to hang above he baby's nursery nook! You will need Two colors Red Heart... Continue Reading →

Razzle Dazzle Receiving Blanket

Another baby item I notice that moms and dads can't do without are receiving blankets. They have so many uses from car rides to a portable changing mat to makeshift burp cloths.  I know from my previous babies (now toddlers) that I never had enough of these things. I decided to whip up an electric... Continue Reading →

Bumpy Bobble Burp Cloth

More baby hugs yarn please!   This yarn by Red Heart Yarns is so soft I just want to rub it on my face. What a good idea!  Soft and safe for a cute little baby face. Reminds me of burp cloths since they are used so much on a babies face.  I can't tell... Continue Reading →

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