Petite Pizza

Adulting.... Paid off both our cars just in time to need a new one because I have a ton of kids ha! That being said, my old minivan keychain was a cute pink donut I whipped up in the break room when I worked at JoAnn Fabrics. New car means I need a new keychain... Continue Reading →

Tootie’s toes

Flashback to the very first pattern I had ever written! Toots (tuhts) toes. A barefoot sandal pattern for adults! Making a new pair today and updating pictures for the old post, I decided to convert the pattern to toddler size as well! Terms: SLST - Slip Stitch DC - Double crochet SC - Single Crochet... Continue Reading →

Hermie Hammock

Hermie Hammock. 8.0 mm hook Two strands yarn of choice. Make sure it is clean, organic and rinsed with chlorine free water. Ch30 1.)In 5th Ch from hook DC. Ch3. Skip 3 so, DC. Repeat across. Turn 2.) DC in prebious ch3, ch3, DC in next ch3 so. Repeat across. This will create a decrease... Continue Reading →

What’s to come?

Oh boy. It's been too long! Been getting settled with now having FOUR kids. Before that we were getting busy with our new crazy schedule shuffling the kids around from basketball(Henry) to karate(Simon) to dance class(Virginia) to soccer(Henry) then back to karate(Simon).Shortly before that I rebranded to a whimsical themed kids costume shop(crochet and fiber... Continue Reading →

Oh boy…I mean girl!

That's right folks! We are pregnant with baby #4!!!!! Little Silvia(Silvie) is due to arrive Early April!! I knew moving to Pittsburgh was a good decision for our family because in our hearts we always knew we wanted a large family and that was just not possible financially while living in the Silicon valley of... Continue Reading →

Where have I been!?!?

I have a new FREE pattern to share but before I do I have a few updates as to why things have been so quiet for the past few years. I opened an Etsy shop! You can browse my whimsical merchandise here. Another reason why I've been so busy is that I got a new... Continue Reading →

Here we go!

Crickets. It's been nothing but crickets here. Why?!? Because something BIG is happening in our life here at RRF! We are moving! That's right! And we are moving FAR! We decided to uproot and replant ourselves in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA! I will miss so many great things about California. 🌴🌴🌴my backyard serenity buddy.... Continue Reading →

Barking Balloon

🎈Barking Balloon 🎈  Level: intermediate  4 mm hook RHSS(Red Heart Super Saver) Stitch marker or counter  Polyfil Needle and thread for securing Pattern is worked in the round and uses single crochet. Stuff pattern  tightly with polyfil as you go.  ***Magic circle(start) Tail: 1.) 3sc in magic circle  2-15.) sc in each st around.  Butt:... Continue Reading →

Wool and where have I been?!?

Let's start by addressing my absense!!     Am I done with this website?!?  Absolutely NOT!  I now have a nearly five month old baby, a three year old and a five year      old!!  Ahhh what is life?!?  I currently exclusively breastfeed Virginia, my daughter, so between feedings and typical day to day... Continue Reading →

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