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Cosmic Carol Flower pattern and wreath tutorial. 

A while back I designed a star shaped 3D flower pattern. I worked up so many of them I decided to hold of on releasing it until I created a fun wreath to arrange the flowers on.

I have the free pattern below as well as links to the leaf patterns I used. I also included a picture tutorial and how to on how I created the wreath!

Free Pattern:

Cosmic Carol Flower. 

6.5 mm hook

Red Heart super saver yarn. 


With color 1, Ch4 Slst to join ring

Ch1, 9sc in center

With color 2,

Ch2 (counts as first dc), treble in same sp, dc in same sp

Slst in next sp

Dc,treble,dc in next sp

Slst in next

Repeat til five petals. Ending with Slst in bottom of first petal

Back of flower

Using color 3,

Join with Slst in the back loops of the magic circle where you Slst between petals. The back petals will be worked in the spaces in between the front petals.


Skip sp. slst. Ch3 skip sp. Slst.

Repeat around til you have five ch3 sp. Join to same sp you first put a Slst in


In Ch3 sp and every ch3 sp, sc hdc dc tc ch2 tc dc hdc sc.

Join to first sc with a Slst.

Slst in each sp. Slst ch2 Slst in each ch 2 sp. reapeat for each Petal. Join fasten off.

**Large Pumpkin leaf by Crochet Kim

 pattern can be found HERE:

**Small leaf from Rose bud and leaf pattern by Petals to picots can be found HERE:

Wreath supplies and assembly:

You will need:

*Pre made Cosmic Carol flowers. I used 12 of them.

*Leaves. I used two Large and five small.

*Hot glue gun and glue sticks

*pins/needles to attach leaves and flowers for placement.

*blank wreath of choice. I up-cycled an old Glitter wreath from Michaels. It was on its last legs so I’d like to think I rescued it haha.

Pin flowers as leaves in desire pattern. One by one glue down flowers and/or leaves. I like to overlap the petals slightly. It’s really up to you on how the desired look and pattern turns out!  Have fun! Go wild with it!

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Day 68: Head Wrap Tutorial

My parents have been in town. I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot along our travels. It’s much easier to do it that way. I stumbled on a tutorial on YouTube by Estare Live on how to use a head wrap. Vintage style!  Here is how it looks!!  

The video tutorial can be found HERE. 

Normally it take me multiple tries to get a head wrap look right. This tutorial had me get it down in one. I love Love LOVE how easy it was to follow and Etsare really made watching fun. She’s a riot!  I also have to mention this video tutorial contains THREE ways to wear/wrap. What a win!?!?!?!!!

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Day 51: Robertson Ridge Technique

Lately I’ve been designing a line of hats that all use the same technique. I call this technique the Robertsons Ridge Technique. So far I’ve designed three hats using this technique.

The first was this Pretty Pillbox Hat.


Followed by the Boo-Yah Bucket hat.


Just yesterday I released this Amish Inspired Hat Pattern.



And tomorrow there will be another one using this technique.

This technique uses a sequence of three rows to get the desired ridge look. It starts by using desired stitch in the BLO of an entire row. Followed by two rows of desired stitch in the FLO of each row.

BLO stands for back loop only.
FLO stands for front loop only.

I have included a link to a video tutorial on how to crochet in the BLO and FLO. The video can be found HERE.

The video link is courtesy of Yarn Obsession.

You can also find these FREE patterns as a bundle on my RAVELRY.

Keep your eyes peeled for more hats using this technique coming soon. I’m currently working on at least four more designs 🙂

Check out day 50 HERE



Not sure if I’m starting a thing, or just used the title because it’s cute. This is a how to repair a vintage granny square project. Anyway, I come from a long line of crocheters. My mother made this lapghan when she was a teen.


She brought it with her because she noticed the stitches holding the granny squares she used to make it together, we’re unraveling. I grabbed. my tools and got to work. I even got to use some of her mother’s(my grandma) as well as her grandma’s(my great grandma) hooks and needles to repair it.

What I used was:
red heart super saver solids black.
A tapestry needle.
A yarn needle works just as well! Manicure scissors. (My go to scissors for any crochet project).

I started by securing the old loose thread by tying it into a knot twice then snipping the left over piece off. I position the needle and thread in a diagonal posing in the BACK LOOPS only and used a zig zag mood. See picture*


When I finished repairing the hole/stitch I pulled up a loop with my thread and pulled the needle and thread through the loop. See picture *


I really doubt it’s the same yarn used originally that I used today but I think k it looks pretty close ;).