Day 63: Let’s Dress Up Roundup

It's time to play dress up!  We have been playing all day. Right now I'm a woodland queen lol. Here's a roundup of free dress up patterns so you can join too!In our house, Dress up is s favorite game!  I have a fun box full of ll our supplies. Some of these things in... Continue Reading →

Day 59: end of month recap

We've made it through month two!  Wow. I can't believe I'm still doing this haha. Here's a treasure hunt style link blast for the month of February!!!  Day 32Day 33Day 34Day 35Day 36Day 37Day 38Day 39Day 40Day 41Day 42Day 43Day 44Day 45Day 46Day 47Day 48Day 49Day 50Day 51Day 52Day 53Day 54Day 55Day 56Day 57Day 58

Day 54: Top Hat for Her

I've been listening to Melanie Martinez's track Carousel for months. I can't help it. I knew i had to make a femme style top hat with a great big BOW to match in the styles of Miss Martinez. The bow is a FREE pattern designed by Stitch11 and can be found HERE. I made the... Continue Reading →

Day 52. Funky Fez Hat

My husband is a Huge history buff. We've been filling the house with historical related podcasts. We just finished the rule and fall of the Roman Empire and moved onto the Ottoman Empire. They discussed fez hats and the ban on them due to tensions with Austrian trade. What caught my attention was i was... Continue Reading →

Day 51: Robertson Ridge Technique

Lately I've been designing a line of hats that all use the same technique. I call this technique the Robertsons Ridge Technique. So far I've designed three hats using this technique. The first was this Pretty Pillbox Hat. Followed by the Boo-Yah Bucket hat. Just yesterday I released this Amish Inspired Hat Pattern. . And... Continue Reading →

Day 50: Amish Inspired Hat

I'm obsessed with the show Amish Mafia. I grew up in Pennsylvania. In a city. Just a short distance from Lancaster where the show takes place. I grew up around Amish culture. A few of my classmates were children of shunned Amish. And our local public high school football games would draw Amish teens in... Continue Reading →

Day 47. Boo-Yah Bucket Hat

The 90's called, and told me I needed to design this hat. XD The 90's gave us lots of things, like bucket hats and the saying "Boo-Yah". I couldn't resist. I was born in 88 so I know the 90's pretty well. I had a denim bucket hat, and reversible Calvin Klein bucket hat, and... Continue Reading →

Day 39: Pretty Pillbox Vintage Hat

I'm stuck on a huge vintage kick! I've been looking everywhere for a decent pillbox hat pattern. I just couldn't find one :(. So I made one! What you will need 5.5mm hook. Red heart super saver solids or any worsted yarn. Tapestry needle. Buttons or embellishments. This pattern mainly uses single crochet. It also... Continue Reading →

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