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Welcome to the world Virginia Marie!!

Our daughter was born ten days ago!!  I’ve finally gotten around to making and update post for you all in the form of a ginormous pattern showcase too!

      Here she is! 🎀💜🍼 getting all cozy and settled in at home a few days ago at a week old. 

This blanket it the very first thing i ever crocheted for her.   The blanket is a bunch of African Flower Hexagons assembled together. The pattern is by Heidi Bears Crochet and can be found HERE

And here she is just hours old!  Getting all snugly in this cute Newborn Apple Hat. This pattern is a Cream of The Crop Crochet original and can be found HERE

       And now for the debut of her nursery and nursing nooks.  I’ve been posting progress pics on my Instagram account but here I’ll be linking where to find the patterns I used to set it all up with!

Let’s start in the corner where I set up a recliner and cozy supplies for breastfeeding!  The hammock is by Dvortygirl and can be found HERE

I whipped up this dragon fly mobile using the dragonfly appliqué pattern created by JKW Designs. The pattern for the appliqué can he found HERE

I had to match the darling mobile with a blanket to keep my baby and my boobies warm during feedings so I of course went with the ever popular radiating Dragonflies Throw by Pattern Paradise. This pattern can be found HERE

And now onto the Nursery Nook!

The blanket is the same blanket as I mentioned above using the African Flower Hexigon by Heidi Bears. 

Making Mandalas has always been some of my favorite things to crochet!  Top Left Mandala i made using Sophie’s Mandala in size Medium. Left side below is the size small of Sophie’s Mandala which both are designed by Look At What I Made. The pattern can be found HERE. Right hand side is the Star Bright square by Stitch11. I  edged the square with picots. The pattern for the Star Bright square can be found HERE

Lastly I made a ton of flowers and strung them up into a bunting. I used my very own Fast Flower pattern. You can find that pattern HERE
I’m beyond in love with this little girl. 🎀💜🎀💜🎀Her brother and daddy are too. I’m happy I get to share her with all of you and I’m so glad I have crochet in my life so that my babies can be cozy and my eyes have some crochet candy to gaze over too. 

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Rinse and re-use Ridge Scrubby. 

We no longer use sponges. That’s right. Threw them all away because I am in love with the Scrubby Yarn by Red Heart Yarns. They have been so supportive and generous yet again and sent me some Scrubby yarn to try! The color is called green tea. You can find Scrubby yarn HERE

I am so happy with this yarn and the pattern I came up with. I made TWO with just one ball and some leftovers to spare. I also pitched all sponges forever and am using these scrubbies because I can just throw them in my washing machine for re-use! 

The cool thing is the pattern which is essentially a ridged pocket, leaves room for you to use it however you like!

Hands inside for some extra scrubby elbow grease scrubbing. 


Slip a sponge inside for some sturdy scrubbing. You could also shove a bar of soap inside and turn it from a sink scrubby to a shower scrubby. 


The scrubby yarn is very textured so remember to rely on your sense of touch as well as some stitch counters to keep your place. I’m including pictures of the rinse and re-use ridge scrubby in regular Red Heart Super Saver Yarn so you can use it as a guide for the ridge rows of the pattern. 

Rinse n Re-use Ridge scrubby:

You will need:

*Red Heart Yarn Scrubby (green tea)

*6 mm hook

*yarn needle
Stitches used:

Hdc-half double crochet 

FPhdc-front post half double crochet

BPhdc- back post half double crochet 

BLO- back loop only
1.) ch 16, Hdc In 2nd ch from hook. Hdc in each remaining 14 sp. (15 hdc). Turn. 

2.) ch1, hdc in first sp, *fphdc, hdc in next 2 sp, fphdc. Repeat from * across ending with hdc in last sp. turn

3.). Ch1, Hdc, *bphdc, Hdc in next 2 sp, bphdc. Repeat from * across ending with Hdc in last sp. turn.

4-11.)?alternate rows 2&3 so a ridge on the right side of the scrubby forms. 

12.) ch1, Hdc in BLO of each sp across. Turn. 

13.) ch1, HDC in FLO of each sp across. Turn

14.) ch1, hdc in first sp, *fphdc, hdc in next 2 sp, fphdc. Repeat from * across ending with hdc in last sp. turn

15.) Ch1, Hdc, *bdhdc, Hdc in next 2 sp, bdhdc. Repeat from * across ending with Hdc in last sp. turn.

16- 23.) alternate rows 16&17 so a ridge on the right side(outside) of the scrubby forms. 

24.) ch1, Hdc in BLO of each sp across. Turn. 

Fasten off. Leave long tail for sewing. 

Sew together row 1 and the BLO of row 28. Turn inside out. 

Sew up one side of the scrubby. Turn right side out. Use as a pocket to put a sponge or a bar of soap inside or sew up final side. 

^Base pictured above^

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Bumpy Bobble Burp Cloth

More baby hugs yarn please!  

This yarn by Red Heart Yarns is so soft I just want to rub it on my face. What a good idea!  Soft and safe for a cute little baby face. Reminds me of burp cloths since they are used so much on a babies face. 

I can’t tell you how many of these things I go through in a day with babies!  I’ve had two baby boys already and my third baby boober is on her way!  The best part is the Baby Hugs yarn is safe and tested free of over 300 substances so it’s prefect to use for those little faces!  I figured throw in a little extra oomph and use the bobble stitch to help get all those messes off of baby’s face.  It also is great for an added massage  for those little cheekies. 

Bumpy Bobble Burp cloth: 

You will need:

*5.0mm hook. 

*Red  heart yarns baby hugs yarn(recommended since burp cloths are used in baby’s face)

*Yarn needle for sewing in ends. 
Stitches used

*Sc- single crochet 

*Dc- double crochet(part of bobble)

*Bobble stitch-video how to by Red Heart❤️

—I used 3dc for my bobble instead of 4+ (video tutorial explains both ways)

*Crab(reverse single crochet) stitch- Video how to by Red Heart❤️
Bumpy Bobble Burp cloth:


1.) Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch sp across. Ch1 turn(51)

2.) Hdc in first stitch. front facing bobble in next stitch, hdc in next stitch. Rear facing bobble in next stitch. Repeat til end of row. 

3.) hdc in first stitch and each stitch til end of row. Ending with hdc in last stitch. 

4.) Hdc in first stitch, Hdc in next stitch. rear facing bobble in next stitch. Hdc in next stitch. Front facing bobble in next stitch. Repeat til end of til end of row. Ending with Hdc in each of the last 2 stitches 

5.)repeat row 3

6.)repeat row 2

7.)repeat row 3

8.)repeat row 4

9.)repeat row 3

10.)repeat row 2 

11.)repeat row 3

12.) repeat row 4

13.) repeat row 3

14.) repeat row 2

15.) Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across. 

1.)Join with slst using color b. 

*2.)Ch1, Sc evenly along outer edge of burp cloth. In corner stitches, make sure to sc, ch1 sc in each corner. Join to first sc with slst. 

3.)Ch1 crab stitch/reverse sc in each stitch around(including ch1 sp) Join to first crab/reverse. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Block if necessary. 

The best part is these cloths can be made along with my other pattern I used Baby Hugs with to make a perfect baby shower gift set!

You can find the pattern for the Nanny Square Lovie/teether HERE

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Nanny Square Lovie with Teether

Red Heart Yarns was so kind in providing me with their newest Baby yarn to test and work with!  It’s a medium weight yarn Called Baby Hugs. You can buy some HERE:   It’s the newest yarn of its kind on the market!  Tested and assured to be free from over 300 substances. Certified Safe for baby according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I!

They provided me with the cutest colors too. The orange hue is called Orangie. The green is called Aloe. The first thing I noticed is how soft this yarn is!  Not to mention safe for babies and easy to clean!  I decided to whip up a lovie with an organic teether attachment because what goes better with certified safe baby yarn?!?  A safe organic teether of course!

You can find these kinds of wooden, untreated teethers all over etsy HERE

I went with the classic granny square look. It’s fast and easy to work up especially with the Baby Hugs Yarn. I renamed it a nanny square because I call my granny, Nanny💙

Nanny square Teether/Lovie

Nanny Square lovie/teether. 

You will need:
*Red heart Baby Hugs in 

         color a- orangie

         color b-Aloe 

*5.5mm hook

*Yarn needle


*Magic Circle

*dc- Double crochet

*sc- Single crochet 

*Reverse single crochet/Crab Stitch-Video how to by Red Heart’s YouTube channel HERE:

1.) magic circle. 

  In center of magic circle, ch3(counts as 1st dc) 2dc, ch1. *Dc3x, ch1. Repeat from * 3 times total(four sets of 3dc). Join to top of ch3 with slst. 
2.) Switch to color b and join in ch1 corner sp with slst. working the corner(ch3, 2dc, ch1, 3dc). Ch1. *Working next corner(3dc, ch1, 3dc) ch1. Work next two corners same as above *
3.) Switch to color a and join in any ch1 corner sp with slst. working the corner(ch3, 2dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1) *Skip over 3dc from previous row. In ch1 sp(3dc, ch1). Skip 3dc, Working in next corner sp(3dc,ch1,3dc) ch1. Repeat from * around. 
4.) Switch to color b and join in any ch1 corner sp with slst. working in the corner(ch3, 2dc, ch1, 3dc ch1.) *Skip over 3dc from previous row. In ch1 sp(3dc. Ch1). Skip 3dc. In ch1 sp(3dc, ch1). Skip 3 dc, Working in next corner.(3dc, ch1,3dc,ch1). Repeat from * around. Join to top of ch3. 
Rows 5-11.) Switch colors and join in any ch1 corner sp. ch3, 2dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1. *repeat method in row four, making sure to (3dc,ch1) in each ch1 sp and (3dc, ch1, 3dc, ch1) in each corner sp. 

Fasten off. 


Join with a slst to any dc in a row of 3dc. Ch1, sc in same sp. sc in each dc and ch1 sp around. ***Make sure to sc, ch1, sc in each of the four corners to form corner. *** Join to first sc with slst. 


Crab stitch/reverse single crochet in each sc around skipping over ch1 spaces. Join to ch1. Fasten off. Weave in ends. 
Teether attachment:

  With color a,

     A.)Join to first dc with slst in row 1 of granny square. (See picture for help) Ch2, hdc in each of next 2 sp. ch1 turn. 

     B.) hdc in each sp across(3hdc). Ch1.

     C.) repeat row B.  

Slip teether ring under dc strap and be ready to attach. (See picture)     

D.) slst in first hdc of row C and first dc of the opposite side of previously attached row 1 (see picture). Slst through BOTH across. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

⭐️⭐️remember to NEVER leave baby unattended with this lovie/teether⭐️⭐️

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Pattern and Podcasts

What do you like to do while you crochet? Watch tv? Listen to music? Lay outside in the sun?  I personally like to listen to podcasts. What’s a podcast?

After I share some of my favorite podcasts there will be a FREE multi size baby beanie pattern below!

I’m really into true crime and mysteries these days so of course the majority of my suggested podcasts include content of these types. All of these podcasts can be found on iTunes and the iTunes podcast app for smartphones.  Shall we get started?
King Falls Am

King Falls AM:(fiction)

👽King Falls AM centers on a lonely little mountain town’s late-night AM talk radio show and its paranormal, peculiar happenings and inhabitants.


Missing Maura Murray. 

Missing Maura Murray:

❓Two documentarians named Lance Reenstierna and Tim Pilleri started a journey to film a documentary about the forever baffling missing persons case of Maura Murray. What turned into a serial podcast in the meantime has taken off and brought forth new evidence and theories in this rabbit hole case. The podcast includes fan theories, interviews with journalists, police investigators and even psychics who are interviewed and weigh in on what could have happened to Maura. **Personally my favorite podcast too 🙂



👻Winner of the “Best of 2015” award. Written,recorded and produced by AARON MAHNKE Lore is a fun and frightening podcast that dives into the fascinating history of folklore. It include true stories and accounts that will scare you sleepless.

Thinking sideways

Thinking Sideways:

The three hosts Steve, Devin and Joe discuss things like mysteries, cryptids, and true crime instances that will have you thinking outside the box or shall I say thinking sideways 😉



Mike Duncan hosts this show that explores the great revolutions throughout history. **My Hubby’ssuggestion.

******please remember to support your favorite podcasts. They are free to download but patronage is always appreciated and comes with perks only donations can come with ;)******


FREE pattern: Basic Baby Beanie(multi size)

Basic beanie

6.5mm hook

Red Heart Super Saver in gray/heather

0-3month size:

Magic circle

1.) 7hdc in circle. Join to 1st hdc

2.) 2 hdc in each sp around (14hdc)

3.) 2 hdc, hdc in next sp. repeat around.(21hdc)

4.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 2 sp. repeat around (28hdc)

5.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 3 sp. repeat around(35hdc)

6-13.)hdc in each sp around

15.)sc in of each sp around.

16.) sc of each sp around
3-6 month size:

Magic circle

1.) 7hdc in circle. Join to 1st hdc

2.) 2 hdc in each sp around (14hdc)

3.) 2 hdc, hdc in next sp. repeat around.(21hdc)

4.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 2 sp. repeat around (28hdc)

5.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 3 sp. repeat around(35hdc)

6.) 2hdc, hdc in next 4 sp. repeat around (42hdc)

7-14.) hdc in each sp around

15.) sc in each sp around

16.) sc in each sp around
6-12month size:

Magic circle

1.) 7hdc in circle. Join to 1st hdc

2.) 2 hdc in each sp around (14hdc)

3.) 2 hdc, hdc in next sp. repeat around.(21hdc)

4.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 2 sp. repeat around (28hdc)

5.) 2 hdc, hdc in next 3 sp. repeat around(35hdc)

6.) 2 hdc,hdc in next 4 sp. repeat around(42hdc)

7.) 2hdc, hdc in next 5 sp. repeat around(49hdc)

8-16.) hdc in each sp around

17.) sc in each sp around.

18.) sc in Each sp around.

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Tunisian Crochet Berry Bonnet Pattern Review

This pattern is courtesy of Debi from Dearest Debi!  This review is a long time coming. Too long!  I planned to use it as part of my 365 days of hats but life hit me like a Semi truck. 🚛🚚. When I went back to finishing up the pattern I found that Caron had discontinued the yarn I originally started making the Bonnet with 😦img_6977

I ended up starting over with these cute girly colors of Red Heart Super Saver since we now know in having a baby girl in October!1465396733934

I’ve dabbled in Tunisian crochet before but have never made these sweet berries before!  Luckily for me Debi also has a YouTube channel where she included a video on how to whip up her Tunisian berries HERE.

Even before I became pregnant I knew I HAD to hook up one of Dearest Debi’s famous bonnets!  It was honestly hard to choose which one since they all are wonderful. You can find the  Tunisian Crochet Berry bonnet as well as many other bonnet and beautiful patterns for sale in her Ravelry store HERE.

Here is how my bonnet turned out!


You can find the Tunisian Crochet Berry Bonnet pattern for sale HERE:

It was easy to follow. Debi really did make sure to make each row legible and very understandable for the competent hooker. I did struggle with the berries at first because it was a totally new concept for me, Tunisian experience aside but as I stated and linked before her YouTube tutorial helped me out!

As you can see I added a flower petal border to frame the face. I also ended up having the area where I joined go along the back instead of the top. It was a simple mistake on my part but it still looks super cute IMO. I really enjoyed making this bonnet. It didn’t take me long at all and I really like Debi’s patterns because they come out gorgeous and are easy to follow!
You can find more of Dearest Debi on her other social networking sites linked below!








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Cosmic Carol Flower pattern and wreath tutorial. 

A while back I designed a star shaped 3D flower pattern. I worked up so many of them I decided to hold of on releasing it until I created a fun wreath to arrange the flowers on.

I have the free pattern below as well as links to the leaf patterns I used. I also included a picture tutorial and how to on how I created the wreath!

Free Pattern:

Cosmic Carol Flower. 

6.5 mm hook

Red Heart super saver yarn. 


With color 1, Ch4 Slst to join ring

Ch1, 9sc in center

With color 2,

Ch2 (counts as first dc), treble in same sp, dc in same sp

Slst in next sp

Dc,treble,dc in next sp

Slst in next

Repeat til five petals. Ending with Slst in bottom of first petal

Back of flower

Using color 3,

Join with Slst in the back loops of the magic circle where you Slst between petals. The back petals will be worked in the spaces in between the front petals.


Skip sp. slst. Ch3 skip sp. Slst.

Repeat around til you have five ch3 sp. Join to same sp you first put a Slst in


In Ch3 sp and every ch3 sp, sc hdc dc tc ch2 tc dc hdc sc.

Join to first sc with a Slst.

Slst in each sp. Slst ch2 Slst in each ch 2 sp. reapeat for each Petal. Join fasten off.

**Large Pumpkin leaf by Crochet Kim

 pattern can be found HERE:

**Small leaf from Rose bud and leaf pattern by Petals to picots can be found HERE:

Wreath supplies and assembly:

You will need:

*Pre made Cosmic Carol flowers. I used 12 of them.

*Leaves. I used two Large and five small.

*Hot glue gun and glue sticks

*pins/needles to attach leaves and flowers for placement.

*blank wreath of choice. I up-cycled an old Glitter wreath from Michaels. It was on its last legs so I’d like to think I rescued it haha.

Pin flowers as leaves in desire pattern. One by one glue down flowers and/or leaves. I like to overlap the petals slightly. It’s really up to you on how the desired look and pattern turns out!  Have fun! Go wild with it!