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Day 71 Kaylen Kamo Trucker Cap

I absolutely love how my cousins in Florida have a baby boy named Kaylen who is the same age as my son Simon.   They look alike but are so very different. I love watching them grow and change into their little personalities.  I knew I had to make Kaylen some hats to reflect his cute little self but also make his daddy proud. He’s a truck driver 😉 

Kaylen Kammo Trucker Hat

This hat is for a child size. 

5.5mm hook
Brown yarn(color b) Red Heart Super Saver
Camo yarn(color a) Craft Smart Value 

Stiches used:
    Hdc-Half double crochet
    Slst- slip stitch
    BLO- back loop only 

Starting with Color a:
Row1: Magic circle, Ch2, 12 hdc in circle  join to ch2
Switch to color b:
Row2:Ch2, 2 Hdc in each sp around. Join to ch2
Row3:Ch2, 2hdc, hdc.  Repeat around. Join to ch2
Row4:Ch2, 2hdc, hdc In Next 2 sp, repeat around. Join to ch2. 
Row5:Ch2′ 2hdc,hdc in next 3 sp, repeat around, join to ch2
Row6: ch2, 2hdc, Hdc in next 4 sp, repeat around, join to ch2
Row7: ch2, 2hdc, Hdc in next 20 sp, repeat around,(ending with HDC in last 2 sp) join to ch2
Rows8-15: ch2 hdc in each sp around. Join to ch2
Row16: ch1, BLO, sc in each sp around. Join to ch1. Fasten off. 

*slst color A anywhere on hat. Ch2′ Hdc in same sp. HDC in next 16 so
*For next three rows:Ch2, turn. HDC in same sp and each sp across. 
*Ch2, decrease hdc, decrease hdc, hdc in next 9 sp, decrease hdc, decrease hdc, 
*Ch1 sc evenly along the side of the brim until you reach base of hat, slst to hat and around base of hat until you reach other side of brim. Sc along side of brim and across top joining to first sc with a slst. Fasten off

Stay tuned for more from the Kaylen Kamo series this month!!!!!! (Four up and coming designs!)

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 69

Boutique bow design by Stitch11

This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

I originally made this bow to accent a pattern I had written. Top Hat For Her. It was so fun and easy to make I made a few more for myself and my friends!!!!  I love how it has minimal sewing required. It just pops and looks exactly like a Minnie Mouse bow. Kids out in public always tell me it looks just like Minnie’s bow when they see it on me 🎀

The top hat can be found HERE

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Day 68: Head Wrap Tutorial

My parents have been in town. I’ve been wearing my hair up a lot along our travels. It’s much easier to do it that way. I stumbled on a tutorial on YouTube by Estare Live on how to use a head wrap. Vintage style!  Here is how it looks!!  

The video tutorial can be found HERE. 

Normally it take me multiple tries to get a head wrap look right. This tutorial had me get it down in one. I love Love LOVE how easy it was to follow and Etsare really made watching fun. She’s a riot!  I also have to mention this video tutorial contains THREE ways to wear/wrap. What a win!?!?!?!!!

365days of Hats · Free Pattern

Day 66

Turban for Miss Happy design by Stitch11

This FREE pattern can be Found HERE. 

I love everything vintage. Turban/turbands seem to be all the rage then and now!  When I saw this pattern I had to make it!!!  I made it to keep my hair up during labor when I had my sons!  It took me MINUTES to make.  Using two strands of yarn it works up super quick!  I love the twist to make it cinch in the front. I thought that was very clever. 

365days of Hats · Pattern reviews

Day 65

Urban Jungle Slouch Beanie design by Vickie Howell at Yarnspirations.(previously known as Caron.com)

This FREE pattern can be found HERE. 

I made this hat ages ago. So long ago I lost it by now. :(. Regardless. I’ve remade this hat numerous times since. This is one of my favorite slouchy beanie patterns!  I Love how it used something other than the usual double crochet method for the beanie!  I used alpaca for this certain hat pictured, so it’s very fuzzy and it makes the stiches undefined and almost felt like in appearance.