Timeless Turban

It’s been years but I’m back with another addition to my Robertson Ridge Technique series! A series I started when I came up with a neat way to add dimension and stiffness to mostly vintage themed patterns! I’ve linked those below for you!

Now on to the newest member of the group! The Timeless Turban.

**note** link to flower embellishment below.

I used Red Heart Super Saver in Saffron

5mm hook


Magic circle

1.)Ch2, 10dc in circle. Join to 1st dc. (10)

2.)Ch2, 2 dc in each sp around. Join. (20)

3.)Ch2, 2dc, dc in next sp. Repeat around. Join. (30)

4.)Ch2, 2dc, dc in next 2 sp. Repeat around. Join. (40)

5.)Ch2, 2dc, dc in next 3 sp, repeat around. Join. (50)

6.)Ch2, in FLO, dc around. Join. (50)

7.)ch2, in BLO 2dc, dc in next 4 sp, repeat around. Join. (60)

8.) In BLO, dc in each sp around. Join.(60)

9.)Ch2, dc in each sp around. Join.(60)

10-19.)Ch2, dc around. . Join. (60)

20.)Ch1, sc in next 28sp, slst in next 4sp, sc inlast 28sp. Join.

Fasten off weave in ends.

To finish:

Use long strand of yarn double to scrunch row 20 up to row 7. Wind around multiple times and tie and fasten off securely. You can stop here or move on to embellish as you choose.

I chose to use my Mum Flower

And my Fatty Boom Bloom

Here’s a better view of the Robertson Ridge Technique

I’ll leave you with the links and pictures of the other members of the Robertson Ridge crew 😉

Funky Fez

Top Hat For Her

Boo-yah Bucket Hat

Amish Inspired Hat

Pretty Pillbox Hat

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