Simon Satchel

My youngest son Simon is the fashion king of my children. He’s very particular about his style and how he dresses. He begged me to get a new purse. My giant black and white sack was ugly according to him. He picked up some yarn his Memaw gave me and told me get to work! I came up with the Simon Satchel! Pssst it also has a little.hidden fun inside so keep scrolling to find out!Simon SatchelWorsted(Red Heart super saver)
5.5mm hook
Large Button
Tapestry needleCh41
1.) SC in 2nd ch from hook, SC in each sp across(50sc. Ch1, turn.
2.) Slst across(40slst) Ch1, turn.
3.) Working in the loops of row 1(behind the slip stitches), hdc in each sp across. (40hdc). ch1, turn.
4- 70) HDC Across. (40hdc). Ch1, turn.Now we are going to start the front flap by using decreases.
70.) Dchdc, HDC in next 36 so. Dchdc. Ch1 turn.(38hdc)
71.) Dchdc, HDC in next 34, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(36)
72.) Dchdc, HDC in next 32, dchdc. Ch1, turn.(34)
73.) Dchdc, HDC in next 30, dchdc. Ch1. Turn.(32)
74.) Dchdc, HDC in next 28, dchdc. Ch1, turn. (30)
75.) Dchdc, HDC in next 26, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(28)
76.) Dchdc, HDC in next 24, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(26)
77.)Dchdc, HDC in next 22, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(24)
78.)Dchdc, HDC in next 20, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(22)
79.) Dchdc, HDC in next 18, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(20)
80.) Dchdc, HDC in next 16, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(18)
81.) Dchdc, HDC in next 14, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(16)
82.) Dchdc, HDC in next 12, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(14)
83.) Dchdc, HDC in next 10, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(12)
84.) Dchdc, HDC in next 8, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(10)
85.) Dchdc, HDC in next 6, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(8)
86.) Dchdc, HDC , ch2, skip 2 sp. HDC, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(6) This is the buttonhole row.
87.) Dchdc, HDC in next 2, dchdc. Ch1 turn.(4)Switch to color B.Sc evenly along the sides and top and bottom of your work. Fasten off.Before sewing liner sew button 16 rows up from the bottom. Centered it should be about size inches in from each side. It’s much easier to sew the button on before the liner.Liner:
12 in wide
25 in longFold or hem the edges as needed. Make sure the sc edging in color B is free. We will use the sc to sew/slst the body of the bag closed.I used sewing machine but you can use hand sewing if you choose.I used a number 2 tension setting with a zig zag stitch. Assembly:
After liner is sewn. Fold as shown.Join color B and slst the two seams together. Continue til you reach the bottom.Sc along the base. It should be the back post of row(35). As shown.Continue up the side stopping where the closure flap starts.Flair(embellishments and fringe.Optional):For top flap embellishment use a 3.0 mm hook.Chevrons:(make 3)Ch8
Color A 1.) sc in 2nd sp from hook, sc in next 3sp, sc, ch2, sc in next sp, sc in last 3sp.
Color B 2.) Sc in first 4 sp, sc, ch2, sc in ch2 sp, sc in remaining 4 sp.
3.) Sc in first 5 sp, sc, ch2, sc in next sp, sc in remaining 5sp
Color A 4.) Sc in first 6 so, sc, ch2, sc in next so, sc in remaining 6 sp. Fasten off.

Small Chevrons:(make 1)
Color A 1.) sc in 2nd sp from hook, sc, ch2, sc in next sp, sc in last sp.
Color B 2.) Sc in first 2sp, sc, ch2, sc in ch2 sp, sc in remaining 2sp.
Color A 3.) Sc In first 3sp, sc ch2, sc in ch2 sp, sc in remaining 3sp. Fasten off.Strap:
Cut 18 strands of color A. About 4 ft in length. Cut 18 strands of color B. About 4 ft long. Knot off 15 strands of color A and 3 strand of color B together.Knot off 15 strands of color B and 3 strands of color A together.Put knot 1 through side loops as shown.Repeat knot 2 on opposite side of knot 1 as shown. Using the knotted strands. separate them into three sections to braid together. I chose to do one section all color A, one section all color B and one section mixed. Making sure to use 12 strands per section. Braid. When close to the end(about 3-4 inches of strands left) repeat the knot process from before.Divide stands into 18 strand sections like before. *see photos above if needed.Fringe:. I used a tall children’s cook an wrapped my yarn around to get proper length. Snipped it along the bottom and used about 2-3 strands per sc at the base of my bag (80-120)Pssst. That liner is like a hidden fiesta in there!Please feel free to comment or send me a message if you have any confusion and need help along the way thanks.

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