Toddler Pocket Tank

Toddler Pocket TankFits 4t/5tUsing 2 strands of Red Heart Super Saver
8.0mm hookCh50.1.)Dc in 4th st from hook(ch3 counts as first dc, Dc in remaining sp. Join. Turn (48dc)2.)ch2(does not count at 1st dc). Dc in each sp across. Join to 1st dc. Turn
3-17 ). Repeat row 2.
18.) Ch2, HDC in each sp. Join. Turn
19.)ch2, HDC in next 8sp, Ch8, skip 8 sp, HDC in next 16sp, Ch8, skip 8sp, HDC in next 8. Join. turn.
20.)ch2, HDC in each sp across including Ch8.(HDC) Join. Turn.
21-23.)Ch2, HDC in each sp. Join. Turn.
24.) Ch1, SC Across. Join. Fasten off. Weave in ends.Base/trim:
We will do 2 rows of trim at the base of the top by working the first row into the opposite side of the beginning ch50. Join to 1st ch of row 1
1.) Working in the opposite side of the ch50, FPHDC, BPHDC. Repeat around. Join to first hdc(fphdc).
2.) FPHDC, BPHFDC. Repeat around. Join fasten off.
3.) Ch1, FPSC, BPSC. Repeat around. Join. Fasten off.

Kangaroo pocket:Ch17
1.) Dc in 3rd sp from ch, dc in next 14 sp. Ch2 turn.
2.) 2dc in first sp, dc in Next 14 sp, 2dc in last sp.(17dc)
3.)Dc in each sp across. Ch2. Turn.
4.) 2dc in first sp, dc in next 15sp, 2 dc in last sp. Ch2. turn.
5.) Dc in each sp across ch2. Turn. (19dc)
6.) 2dc in first so, dc in next 16 so, 2dc In last sp. Ch2. Turn. (21 dc)
7-9.) Dc in each sp across. Ch2 turn.
Sc evenly around the pocket. Leave long tail for sewing. Sew but make sure you leave gaps on both sides for hands.

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