Mum Flower

I’ve been waiting to release this pattern for ages!!! Things got kind of busy around here scrambling together to figure out what the heck is going on with the upcoming school year. Let’s just say desks were bought and hair is being pulled out in anticipation of September ha! Anyway. Here’s the FREE pattern I’ve been promising!

Any hook and yarn is fine. I used red heart super saver and a 4mm hook

Magic circle
1.)8sc in circle. Do not join . Work continuous rounds.
2.)In BLO, 2SC in each stitch around. Do not join(16sc)
3.)In BLO, 2SCin first stitch, SC in next stitch. repeat around. Join to BLO of the first sc in row 3. (24sc) Fasten off.

Join with a slst to FLO of first SC in row 1. *Ch1, TC in same stitch as slst, Slst in next stitch. Repeat * til last stitch. Slst in last stich IN BOTH LOOPS to join. Fasten off and weave in ends.

A lil hint:. Grab the center petal and give it a tiny twist to fill out flower and give it the “mum” appearance.Flower may curl. This is okay. It will lay flat when set on a flat surface. You may block if you wish.

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