Vine Crown/Crown Base for Flower Crowns

Having two super girly girls for daughters means I'm making flower crowns for nearly every event, holiday etc. I really needed something to make that held the flowers on nice and secure because in the past just sewing them together was kind of limp and flimsy. I came up with this vine that can be... Continue Reading →


Last year I ended up making some really cute butterfly magic wands. I went to make some again for an upcoming sale and the pattern was discontinued 😩. What a great excuse to just come up with one of my own! I modified an old flower pattern I had to come up with these cute... Continue Reading →

Flowers in a Flash roundup

I've made quite a few flower patterns since I've started creating FREE patterns. Recently I've been going back and editing those patterns. Making them easier to read and follow. More beginner friendly! These six flowers are super easy and fast to make as well! 1.) Fast Flower. Pattern can be found HERE. 2.) Mum Flower... Continue Reading →

Virginia Blossom

With color 1, Ch4 Slst to join ring(may use magic circle instead)1.)Ch1, 9 sc in center. Fasten off.Join with color 2,2.)Ch2 (counts as first dc), treble in same sp, dc in same sp. Slst in next sp. Dc,treble,dc in next sp. Slst in next sp. Repeat til five petals. Ending with Slst in bottom of... Continue Reading →

Ding Dong Flower

Ding Dong flower Any yarn Any hook Magic circle 1.)10 sc in circle. Join to first SC with slst. Fasten off. Switch color if desired. 2.)ch1, in FLO, SC around. Join. 3.)ch1, SC around. Join. 4.)ch1, in BLO, SC DC Ch2 DC SC in same sp, SLT in next. Repeat around. Join. +Should end up... Continue Reading →

Mum Flower

I've been waiting to release this pattern for ages!!! Things got kind of busy around here scrambling together to figure out what the heck is going on with the upcoming school year. Let's just say desks were bought and hair is being pulled out in anticipation of September ha! Anyway. Here's the FREE pattern I've... Continue Reading →

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