What’s to come?

Oh boy. It’s been too long! Been getting settled with now having FOUR kids. Before that we were getting busy with our new crazy schedule shuffling the kids around from basketball(Henry) to karate(Simon) to dance class(Virginia) to soccer(Henry) then back to karate(Simon).Shortly before that I rebranded to a whimsical themed kids costume shop(crochet and fiber arts). Then Covid-19 happened and we bunkered down in our own little quarentine bubble. Sold a butt ton of hand made masks to the community. Now here we are!

(I love Henry’s face in this picture. He’s always making people laugh.)

Henry and Simon’s crown pattern comes from Crochet 365 and Knit Too. It can be found HERE

Virginia and Silvia’s princess wig pattern is courtesy of Stitch11 and can be found HERE

So I bet you’re wondering what’s next? Time to return to what I know and love. FARTS! Going to keep this lil website going. Going to keep providing you with FREE patterns(which will possibly include knit, sewing, embroidery and macrame). Going to keep doing reviews and making tutorials for you all. What’s new is that we will be offering fiber art goods for sale!(macrame, embroidery, sewn items, knit and Crochet).For now, enjoy the summer, at a safe and social distance of course! And when summer is over we will be up and running with some old and some new FARTS!

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