Here we go!

Crickets. It’s been nothing but crickets here. Why?!? Because something BIG is happening in our life here at RRF! We are moving! That’s right! And we are moving FAR! We decided to uproot and replant ourselves in my hometown of Pittsburgh PA! I will miss so many great things about California.

🌴🌴🌴my backyard serenity buddy.

A little under ten years ago we moved out to the Bay Area and planned on not looking back. The older my children got the more my heart ached to be home and with my family. To raise my children alongside their cousins in a close knit community. It’s no secret California is ridiculously expensive. To top it off i live in Silicon Valley. The most expensive suburb in the nation right now. I can’t hack it out here and we want more children and that’s just impossible budget wise out here.

Pittsburgh has everything a city needs and everything a small town has. There’s a reason it’s called the Paris of Appalachia. Friends feel like family and nearly my entire family is there!

We set out the last week of February.

I can’t wait to take the littles dahntahn(downtown) to ride the incline and dance barefoot at the Point folk music festival!!

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