Funky Fringe

I had this lamp that my middle son ripped a hole in.  The hole was towards the Bottom so I decided to trim it above the hole for a quick fix. How bland and weird it looked so I decided to add some flair to the lamp and designed a fun fringe!  

This fringe can be used for anything that needs a funky trim to accessorize. When I took a step back I noticed it just wasn’t enough!  I needed some tassels!  With the help of Donna Wolfe of Naztazia dot com I had found the perfect tassel to add to my fringe!  

The tassel pattern and tutorial can be found HERE:


Let’s get started!

Funky fringe. 

5.0mm hook

Red heart super saver
Hdc-half double crochet

Tc-Triple Crochet

Picot(ch3. Slst in first ch)

**Any length is fine as long as you ch multiples of 5 then add ch1 to account for starting st. 

Ch111. (Measures 32 inches in length) 

1.)In 2nd ch from hook hdc. Hdc in each so across. Turn. (110hdc)

   Switch color

2.)ch1, sc in each sp across. Turn. (110sc). 

    Switch color 

3.)ch1, hdc in each sp across. Turn. (110hdc)

    Switch Color

4.)slst in first 3 sp. (3tc, picot in next sp. (3tc) in next sp. repeat across. (22 petals. 66slt)
Tassle Tutorial by Donna of Naztazia:

To attach to the lamp I used a hot glue gun and slowly attached the first three rows of fringe to the lamp leaving row 4 to dangle with the tassels. The cool part about hot glue is it dried super fast!