One Skein and One Day Scarf

My mum sent me such a fun find!  A box of vintage yarn.

  My favorite. My mum is an avid collector. She hunts around at auctions and antique malls for neat finds to sell and fix up. She found this box ofnyan . Some of the skeins are from the 80’s and some are as old as the 1950’s!!  
   My oldest son snatched up the two fuzziest blue yarns and asked for a scarf. While waiting for my daughter to be born I decided to try and whip up a scarf as fast as I could during early labor!  

One skein & One Day scarf. 

This pattern is great for beginners or for those who started making Xmas gifts at the last minute ;). it’s literally only two lines of pattern and lots of repetition. 
     *You will need*

*Bulky yarn. (I used Lion Brand homespun) 

*9 mm hook

This pattern uses the Half Double Crochet. 

Start with Ch12

1.) Hdc in 2nd ch from hook and in each sp across. (11hdc). 

2.) turn. ch1, hdc in each sp across. Repeat until end of skein. 

**Add fringe or flair as desired. 

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