Fast Flower

I’ve been busy nesting like crazy!  I’m 8 months pregnant and so ready to not be pregnant anymore but at least things are getting done!  I came up with a fast flower pattern so I could whip up a cute bunting to hang above he baby’s nursery nook!

You will need

Two colors Red Heart Super Saver

5.5mm hook

Start with a Magic circle using color a. 

1.)Sc 12 in magic circle. Do not join. Work in continuous round for this row. 

2.) 2 sc in each sp around. Join to first sc. 

Switch to color b. Join with standing sc. 

3.) ch 4. Skip four sp . sc in next sp. repeat around. Omitting last sc in the skip 4 sc Join to first sc with a slst. 

4.) ch1, sc in sc sp. in ch5 sp(sc. Hdc, 2dc, tc, ch3. Picot. Tc, 2dc, hdc, sc). Repeat around.  


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