Bumpy Bobble Burp Cloth

More baby hugs yarn please!  

This yarn by Red Heart Yarns is so soft I just want to rub it on my face. What a good idea!  Soft and safe for a cute little baby face. Reminds me of burp cloths since they are used so much on a babies face. 

I can’t tell you how many of these things I go through in a day with babies!  I’ve had two baby boys already and my third baby boober is on her way!  The best part is the Baby Hugs yarn is safe and tested free of over 300 substances so it’s prefect to use for those little faces!  I figured throw in a little extra oomph and use the bobble stitch to help get all those messes off of baby’s face.  It also is great for an added massage  for those little cheekies. 

Bumpy Bobble Burp cloth: 

You will need:

*5.0mm hook. 

*Red  heart yarns baby hugs yarn(recommended since burp cloths are used in baby’s face)

*Yarn needle for sewing in ends. 
Stitches used

*Sc- single crochet 

*Dc- double crochet(part of bobble)

*Bobble stitch-video how to by Red Heart❤️

—I used 3dc for my bobble instead of 4+ (video tutorial explains both ways)

*Crab(reverse single crochet) stitch- Video how to by Red Heart❤️
Bumpy Bobble Burp cloth:


1.) Hdc in 3rd ch from hook and each ch sp across. Ch1 turn(51)

2.) Hdc in first stitch. front facing bobble in next stitch, hdc in next stitch. Rear facing bobble in next stitch. Repeat til end of row. 

3.) hdc in first stitch and each stitch til end of row. Ending with hdc in last stitch. 

4.) Hdc in first stitch, Hdc in next stitch. rear facing bobble in next stitch. Hdc in next stitch. Front facing bobble in next stitch. Repeat til end of til end of row. Ending with Hdc in each of the last 2 stitches 

5.)repeat row 3

6.)repeat row 2

7.)repeat row 3

8.)repeat row 4

9.)repeat row 3

10.)repeat row 2 

11.)repeat row 3

12.) repeat row 4

13.) repeat row 3

14.) repeat row 2

15.) Hdc in first stitch and each stitch across. 

1.)Join with slst using color b. 

*2.)Ch1, Sc evenly along outer edge of burp cloth. In corner stitches, make sure to sc, ch1 sc in each corner. Join to first sc with slst. 

3.)Ch1 crab stitch/reverse sc in each stitch around(including ch1 sp) Join to first crab/reverse. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Block if necessary. 

The best part is these cloths can be made along with my other pattern I used Baby Hugs with to make a perfect baby shower gift set!

You can find the pattern for the Nanny Square Lovie/teether HERE

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