Tunisian Crochet Berry Bonnet Pattern Review

This pattern is courtesy of Debi from Dearest Debi!  This review is a long time coming. Too long!  I planned to use it as part of my 365 days of hats but life hit me like a Semi truck. 🚛🚚. When I went back to finishing up the pattern I found that Caron had discontinued the yarn I originally started making the Bonnet with 😦img_6977

I ended up starting over with these cute girly colors of Red Heart Super Saver since we now know in having a baby girl in October!1465396733934

I’ve dabbled in Tunisian crochet before but have never made these sweet berries before!  Luckily for me Debi also has a YouTube channel where she included a video on how to whip up her Tunisian berries HERE.

Even before I became pregnant I knew I HAD to hook up one of Dearest Debi’s famous bonnets!  It was honestly hard to choose which one since they all are wonderful. You can find the  Tunisian Crochet Berry bonnet as well as many other bonnet and beautiful patterns for sale in her Ravelry store HERE.

Here is how my bonnet turned out!


You can find the Tunisian Crochet Berry Bonnet pattern for sale HERE:

It was easy to follow. Debi really did make sure to make each row legible and very understandable for the competent hooker. I did struggle with the berries at first because it was a totally new concept for me, Tunisian experience aside but as I stated and linked before her YouTube tutorial helped me out!

As you can see I added a flower petal border to frame the face. I also ended up having the area where I joined go along the back instead of the top. It was a simple mistake on my part but it still looks super cute IMO. I really enjoyed making this bonnet. It didn’t take me long at all and I really like Debi’s patterns because they come out gorgeous and are easy to follow!
You can find more of Dearest Debi on her other social networking sites linked below!








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