Purple Pub Placemats. 

Recently I’ve been refurnishing every room in my house. The last room to be done was my dining area.

 I picked this perfectly cute purple pub set and I just HAD to make placemats to match!


6.5mm hook

Red heart super saver (purple)

Double crochet

Single crochet

Crab stitch. 
Purple Pub Placemats. 

Purple pub placemats. (One skein makes 3)

Dc in 4th ch from hook. Dc across.(33 dc including ch3 from beginning.)


Dc, ch1, skip one, repeat around. 


Dc, cd in ch1 sp. repeat around. 


For next 14 rows. Dc in each sp across. 


Dc, ch1, skip one, repeat around


Dc, dc in ch1 sp


Reverse sc (crab stitch)evenly around edge. 

Fasten off weave in ends. Block as needed. 

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