Borderline Square

  1. i’ve been having so much fun keeping up with the Mystery Lapghan CAL that’s is hosted by The Country Willows and Crochet Memories!! It’s finally my day to share a square and be a part of this CAL.

imageThis square is started and inspired by my previous free pattern the Borderline Mandala.imageShall we get started on the square?!? I made sure to include row by row picture tutorials for you as well as instructions on how to get your own ad free PDF of this pattern!!You will need anwhere from 6 colors like I made here:imageOr as little as one color. have fun with it anyway you want!
Borderline Square:
Terms:Hdc-half double crochet
Dc-double crochet
Tc-triple crochet(y/o 2x)
Sc-single crochet
5.5 mm hook. Measures 6x6start:
Using color a(yellow)
Make a Magic circle
1.)ch1, 12dc in circle. join to 1st dc. (12dc). Should measure 1.2 inches. imageSwitch to color b(white)
2.)ch1, 2dc in each sp around. Join to 1st dc.(24dc) shoukd measure 2.5 inches. imageSwitch to color a(yellow)
3.) 2tc, ch2, skip sp. repeat from * around. Join to first tc. (24tc, 12ch2 sp) should measure 4.3 inches. imageSwitch to color b(white)
4.)ch1, sc in same sp,(tc), sc in next tc sp, 2sc in each ch2 sp around. (1sc in each tc sp, 2sc in each ch2 sp) join to first sc.(48sc) should measure 4.5 inches across. **picture coming soon. Switch to color c(grey)
5.)ch1, 2hdc, hdc in next 3. Repeat around.join to first hdc.(60hdc) If you tend to crochet loosely, use Sc in this row instead of Hdc. Should measure 5-5.2 inches across. imageSwitch to color d(black)
6.)ch1, 2tc, ch2,2tc in same sp, dc in next 2 sp, hdc in next sp, 2hdc in next sp, sc in next 6sp, 2hdc in next sp, hdc in next sp, dc in next 2 sp. repeat around. join to first tc. Fasten off and weave in ends. Should measure 6 inches across. imageIf you would like a PDF copy of this pattern, copy and paste this post, and head on over to Print Friendly dot com HEREPlease show me what you’ve made over at ravelry HERE:image*Stay in the loop and get updates for the next square and so on by joining the Mystery CAL Facebook group HERE.* The next square is by Pink Mambo! Check out her awesome and fun designs HERE.

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