Borderline Square

  1. i’ve been having so much fun keeping up with the Mystery Lapghan CAL that’s is hosted by The Country Willows and Crochet Memories!!  It’s finally my day to share a square and be a part of this CAL.


This square is started and inspired by my previous free pattern the Borderline Mandala.image

Shall we get started on the square?!?  I made sure to include row by row picture tutorials for you as well as instructions on how to get your own ad free PDF of this pattern!!

You will need anwhere from 6 colors like I made here:image

Or as little as one color.  have fun with it anyway you want!
Borderline Square:

Hdc-half double crochet
Dc-double crochet
Tc-triple crochet(y/o 2x)
Sc-single crochet
5.5 mm hook. Measures 6×6

Using color a(yellow)
Make a Magic circle
1.)ch1, 12dc in circle. join to 1st dc. (12dc). Should measure 1.2 inches. 

Switch to color b(white)
2.)ch1, 2dc in each sp around. Join to 1st dc.(24dc) shoukd measure 2.5 inches. 

Switch to color a(yellow)
3.) 2tc, ch2, skip sp. repeat from * around. Join to first tc. (24tc, 12ch2 sp) should measure 4.3 inches. 

Switch to color b(white)
4.)ch1, sc in same sp,(tc), sc in next tc sp, 2sc in each ch2 sp around. (1sc in each tc sp, 2sc in each ch2 sp) join to first sc.(48sc) should measure 4.5 inches across. 

**picture coming soon. 

Switch to color c(grey)
5.)ch1, 2hdc, hdc in next 3. Repeat around.join to first hdc.(60hdc) If you tend to crochet loosely, use Sc in this row instead of Hdc.  Should measure 5-5.2 inches across. 

Switch to color d(black)
6.)ch1, 2tc, ch2,2tc in same sp, dc in next 2 sp, hdc in next sp, 2hdc in next sp, sc in next 6sp, 2hdc in next sp, hdc in next sp, dc in next 2 sp. repeat around. join to first tc. Fasten off and weave in ends.  Should measure 6 inches across. 


If you would like a PDF copy of this pattern, copy and paste this post, and head on over to Print Friendly dot com HERE

Please show me what you’ve made over at ravelry HERE:

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Carousel Square.

I recently have been working on a 6×6 square for an upcoming mystery lapghan CAL(stay tuned for details) and I had a happy accident occur. I ended up with a goofy and fun square that resembles a carousel top!(or a boob according to my three year old).  So I ended up with this pattern for you!


Yes, I realize it looks like Madonnas bra. How much more perfect is a boobie blanket for a baby tough!?!?! It can be totally comforting am I right!?!? That’s not what I went for in design but my three year old couldn’t help himself when he saw them completed. “BOOBIES” he yelled.

Cotton Candy Carousel Square:
5.5 mm hook

Red Heart a Super Saver Solids

***this pattern uses the reverse single crochet (Crab Stitch)  you can learn how to Crab Stitch from Kim Guzman of Crochetkim.com at  her YouTube HERE  

BLO-back loop only

Magic Circle,
Ch1, 5hdc in center. DO NOT JOIN
*Working in continuous rounds*
in BLO, 2hdc in each sc. (10hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next sp. repeat around. (15hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next 2 sp. repeat around. (20hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next 3 sp. repeat around. (25hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next 4 sp. repeat around. (30hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next 5 sp. repeat around. (35hdc)
In BLO, 2hdc, hdc in next 6 sp. repeat around. (40hdc)
Starting with new color, *sc, hdc, dc, tc ch2 tc in same sp, dc, hdc, sc, sc, sc, sc repeat around *making sure each tc ch2 tc sequence is creating the four corners. Join
Ch1, dc in each sp around, make sure to put 3dc in the corner sp’s
Hdc around, hdc ch1 hdc in each corner (2nd hdc in ch3sp)(60)
Switch to new color
Starting with new color, crab stitch Around border of square when you get to the join part, join

With starting color, crab stitch into the FLO of the spiral. Crab stitch until you reach the center. Voila!

…now about that Myster Lapghan CAL I mentioned.


Al the details can be found HERE.


Fartist of the Month. August 2015

Im doing things a little differently this time for the Fartist of the month!!!  I’m excited to introduce you to Richard Boyle of Monoped Creations!  Home of the Kooky Quirky Queer Crochet!!


His Speciality is a unique take on Amigurumi.  Everyone that knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of Raul’s Drag Race.  I own every season on tvd, so when I came across Richards work, I was,blown away by how on point his Amigurumi is!  Take a look at Season 8’s runner up, Pearl Liason!! (below) Serving Pearl face via yarn!  You can purchase you very own Pearl Amigurumi  HERE


Have you been watching the latest Drag Race Buzz on LogoTv lately?  They’ve revamped and ruvealed tons of behind the scenes fun and shade on season 4. What better way to celebrate getting fresh dirt on this season by snagging up your very own season 4 winner, Sharon Needles!!!!  You can buy her HERE.


Now to end this post with a big hairy bang!  Wait what?!?!  That’s right. A big red underwear Bear!!!!  How cute is this large and in charge bear?!?!?  And those undies to match!!  You can get your own hairy hunk to snuggle with HERE.


Theres so so many more hairy hunks and fierce drag queens to chose from over at Monoped’s ETSY!!  Please go take a peek and spread the T!!