Fartist of the Month

The time has come to feature another great and talented Fartist for the month!  This month we are featuring AG Handmades!  Let’s get right into it shall we!?!?

imageFartist of the month
1.) What is your fart? Crochet or Knit?  Crochet, but I can knit too.. definitely 99% crochet.

2.) What do you listen to or watch while farting?  Disaster movies; Thrillers; Youtube instructions videos.

3.) Do you have a favorite fartist?  Probably Kim Guzman, she makes such beautiful things so easy to follow!

4.) What is the biggest frog fart you have encountered?  Oh, I once had to undo a baby blanket all the way back to row 3!!! I missed one cluster and didn’t notice it until I was almost done! I almost cried that time.

5.) What is your most favorite fart you have ever created?    I think probably the star stitch baby blanket – so easy, so fast, so pretty and scrumptious!

6.) What made you decide to start farting?  My grandmother. I used to sit on a stool in front of her when I was little holding out my little arms for her to help her wind her hanks into balls – I would sit and watch her for hours, amazed at how fast her hands moved and the beautiful things she created!

7.) Do you have a favorite stitch to use while Farting?  Yes, the star stitch! I love it on so many things! Link to tutorial HERE.

8.) Most embarrassing Fart you have ever created?  😎 I once made my first baby cardigan design that was seriously awful! Wayyy too wide – it was really quite funny looking back!

9.) Please link THREE farts of yours. (Original designs only)

                1.) Simple Lightweight Chemo Cap.


2.) Oh the Possibillities Hat


3.) Dawn Treble Mesh Shawl. 


10.) Do you have any other hidden talents besides farting that we should know about?  I can sew, knit, embroider, cross-stitch; I cook not too badly, I can build and repair computers; I like gardening, growing plants from seeds, I am very interested in photography and definitely improving though I have a lot to learn yet!

For more of her featured designs, Head over to my Facebook page for a browse and a like HERE

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