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Lollipop Lazy Eyes

More goodies from the kind and creative folks over at Red Heart!  I knew I wanted to dabble even more with various textures and yarn outside of Super Saver(my go to favorite for everything).   This time I used Red Hearts Boutique Fur. You can find it HERE

   The color I used is called Azalea. It was fun and flirty and reminded me of girls night in!!  What goes better with a girls night in that a good old sleepover favorite. A sleeping mask! 

  The fur is super  soft and feels great on my face. It is a bit challenging to work with, you need to rely on feel and not sight when using this yarn. It’s so darn soft i didn’t mind doing it that way at all!  Now I’d lure wary of using the fur or you feel it may be too hot this season, I created a summer(beginner) version of this pattern too!             

                      Lollipop lazy eyes:
 Three colors of Red Heart Super Saver
 Red Heart Fur in Azalea

5.5mm hook. 

This pattern uses Single crochet and Half double crochet. 
Winter version:
Using RHSS

Magic circle

10sc in center(10)

1.)Ch1 turn, 2hdc in each sp.(20)
2.)Ch1,turn hdc in each sp around. 

3.)ch1, 5sc, skip next sp, 5sc. Repeat around

                Switch to fur

4.)Slst in skipped sp, slst in sp below 5sc. Repeat around.  

Fluff fur trim*. 
Summer version:

Color A

Magic circle

1.)10sc in center(10)

Color B

2.)Ch1, turn, 2hdc in each sp around

Color A

3.)Ch1, turn, 2hdc, hdc in next sp repeat around

Color B

4.)Ch1, hdc in each sp around 

Color A

5.)Ch1, Turn, 5sc in sp, skip next sp. repeat around. Fasten off
To join eyes, sew together in center with yarn needle. 
Ties: slst into side of eye piece(I positioned mine so that there are two sets of 5sc in between). Ch10, skip two 5sc sp. slst. Fasten off. Repeat on other side. Join to ch10 in center and ch 40. 

Repeat on other side. 


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