Fartist Of The Month!

   im going to just jump right in!  I’m very excited to share with you all some amazing designers and friends. Their patterns included too! So shall we meet our first talented designer?!?      Marie Segares of UnderGround Crafter as well as the woman behind the addicting and beneficial podcast called Creative Yarn Entrepenuer which you can find in ITunes and/or Sticher.   She has been an inspiration to me and many others so let’s meet her!!!!!!


1.) What is your fart? Crochet or Knit?

Although I’m bicraftual, I’m much more of a crocheter. (Sorry, knitting!)

2.) What do you listen to or watch while farting?

I often binge on old sci fi television shows while working on larger projects. Some of my favorites are The X Files and Star Trek (original and Next Generation). I listen to podcasts, too – I have about 25 I subscribe to, so I just turn on whatever I’m in the mood for at that moment.

3.) Do you have a favorite fartist?

Hmm, I don’t work as much from other people’s patterns any more, but some of my favorite designers whose patterns I have actually crocheted are Kim Guzman, Lily Chin, Margaret Hubert, Ellen Gormley, Edie Eckman, and Margaret MacInnis. In knitting, I’ve enjoyed several patterns by Caitlin ffrench. I find the CrochetBug blog very fun to read. 

4.) What is the biggest frog fart you have encountered?

Argh, I like swatching so I frog a lot. But the worst case scenario was when I crocheted the front, back, and an arm of a man’s XL sweater. I realized that it wasn’t really the right style and project so I ripped it all out. (You can read more about it HERE

5.) What is your most favorite fart you have ever created?

Oooh, it’s so hard to pick just one!
I wear the sample for Thaden’s Asymmetrical Shawlette A LOT but the yarn is so scrumptious that I don’t think I can take all the credit: You can find the pattern HERE
I have a scrap blanket that I crocheted back in the day that has gotten a lot of love. The pattern was from 100 Afghans to Knit and Crochet.

6.) What made you decide to start farting?

My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 9 years old. She tried to teach me knitting, too, but it didn’t really stick. (I picked it up again in 2010.) 

7.) Do you have a favorite stitch to use while Farting? (Link to tutorial if available)

I’m a big fan of crossed double crochet. In knitting, I’m all about cables.

8.) Most embarrassing Fart you have ever created? 

There are lots of these! When I was first designing, I made many experimental hats that haven’t since seen the light of day.

9.) THREE farts of yours. (Original designs only

Here are three of my free crochet patterns that are particularly suited to warmer weather:

  A Little Bit of Bling Shawl

Chocolate Chip Cookie Hot Pad

’80s Remix Chain

10.) Do you have any other hidden talents besides farting that we should know about?

I love to bake! I just made a cherry pineapple upside down cake last night. (It was a variation on this recipe but I added many, many, many more cherries than recommended.) It was yummy!
Want to know more about Marie and her work?

You can find Marie and all of her goodies +more in the link party below!!

*Underground Crafter official Website. 

*Creative Yarn Entrepreneur Show







Pssst. Don’t forget to listen to her podcast Creative Yarn Entrepenuer on ITunes, which is a great listen for those who work in the fart industry. 

4 thoughts on “Fartist Of The Month!

Add yours

  1. WHY are you calling this ‘fartist’ – and referring to art as ‘fart’?
    I don’t know where you are from, but around these parts, fart means something not so nice – and is NOT used in polite conversation.
    WHY can you not just say art – and artist? Were one to call me a ‘fartist’, I would be highly insulted….means I freely pass loud gas in public…like I said, impolite.
    WHERE did that term come from?


    1. Fiber+ art = farts. Same reason why some call crocheters hookers, or people who knit and crochet bistitchual. I’ve had great feedback from the new word and it seems to be a great and goofy way for people to remember the brand ❤


    2. It’s meant as a light-hearted joke, and I think the vast majority of readers are taking it that way. No need to get stressed out about it, Litl Bits. Let’s all just have fun with our shared hobby.


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