Double Feature Sea Creature 

We have year long passes to the Montery Bay Aquarium. So this happened. . .


I had to make something ing for my sons to wear in windy Monterey Bay.   The Ozzie Octopus hat is a paid pattern designed by Snappytots.  

   Oh my gosh I love this hat!  I love the entire process of the silly eyes and the loopy suction cups!  I had no issues with this pattern at all!  I made the head a little longer so it would look a little life like when he sucks my child’s brains as he wears it haha. 

This goldfish hat isn’t a goldfish at all,multi li modified him to be!  

This hat is actually a free shark hat pattern. The Shark Hat is designed by Repeat Crafter Me

This was also a blast to create!  The only tweaks I made were the color,choices of course, and extra fin I cinched and sewed to fit, and the eye position. Don’t worry. I am making the shark hat original too, but for my older son. This goofy goldfish is for the little baby who is terrified of sharks(we don’t take him to that section of the aquarium)
I’m sorry I’ve been gone.  There have been a lot of changes going on over at RRC as well as in my personal life(new job, drivers license,preschool,) Stay tuned for more free patterns, pattern reviews, and much more!!!

Free Pattern

Fatty Boom Bloom(silk Sari)

I have to ask, have you seen Red Heart Yarns new Boutique Silk Sari?!?!?  It’s absolutely gorgeous, and each hank is guaranteed to be different than the last. It’s hand spun!! It comes in four varieties. I used “Dazzling”  I was dying to make something with it. The Indian originated Sari fabric/garment has always caught my eye. So colorful, unique and gorgeous. What better to use it for than a flower?!?!  

  I made two sizes and decided to keep going. Two flowers come out to be a little less or exactly one hank of silk sari yarn.   You can find this special yarn HERE. For $6.99 each. 


Getting started:

Fatty Boom bloom

Red Heart Boutique Silk Sari

Large size ch73
Medium size Ch37 
      Sc- single crochet
      Dc- double crochet
      Tc- triple crochet (similar to dc but you y/o twice,)
      Hdc- half double crochet
9mm hook
Row1: Sc in 5th sp from hook, *ch2 skip 2 sc.  Repeat from * around ending with a sc. 
Row2: In ch2 sp, sc, hdc, dc, tc, ch2, tc, dc, hdc, sc.  Repeat in each ch2 sp. fasten off and weave in ends. 
4.00mm hook
Row1:Magic circle, 10sc in center. Join with slst. 
Wind flower to form,and sew on center. 
I tested out some Red Heart super saver with the pattern and this is how it looks!!