Day 42

I’ve never done this before.
This post features a few patterns in one, an Amigurumi pattern, as well as a very special guest, Remy Carreiro of !!!


Cthulhu Hat design by Mini Moose Kim. I

Basic Adult Ski Mask by The Crochet Cauldron. Previously seen HERE as day 5.


Amigurumi Voodoo doll design by Abbygurumi.


The mask was requested by a very talented and amazing writer, Remy Carreiro. Being the avid Remlin that I am I had to make it and a little extra for him! I knew the voodoo doll was perfect. It was quick and easy to work up and fun to throw my own little flair on him! The sad news is, my son ripped off the first button I fastened on :(. Nothing Joan’s and some hot glue won’t fix. I sewed and glued that sucker on!
The mask was a bit of a challenge. So much so I decided to fuse two patterns. I loves how the Basic Ski Mask fit on the top of the head, but I wanted the tentacle beard like the Cthulhu hat pattern. It worked out perfectly and both patterns are very easy to read and follow. I used red heart super saver.

Check out day 41 HERE.

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